Extreme · light sharing resource sharing download theme

Extreme · light sharing resource sharing download theme

Light Theme/Adaptive/SEO Friendly/Download Field/Poster/User Center Adaptation Theme Features

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Light theme/adaptive/SEO friendly/download field/poster/user center adaptation


Theme features:

Conform to w3c standard

Friendly SEO

Picture SEO

ZBP1.7 native thumbnail

Album mode

Dark mode, timed, default

Multiple advertising spaces and differentiated mobile computers

Head beautification

Alipay WeChat appreciation

The article copyright statement supports ordinary and original, and supports variables

With three sidebar modules (popular articles, hot reviews, and the latest messages)

Picture carousel

Poster function

It has its own download field and supports login display, reply display and vip display (user group collaborators and above)

Flexible download mode, can be added independently

The download field supports password hiding, and WeChat focuses on obtaining passwords (WeChat attracts fans)

Adapt to ZBLOG user center plug-in (Mochu user center)

Compatible with other user center plug-ins through background settings

Demo Picture


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