Z-blog theme acme · Zhibo cool high end atmosphere self use theme

Z-blog theme acme · Zhibo cool high end atmosphere self use theme

A set of high-end atmosphere theme, is also the theme of this site. When doing this topic, because one day in the ZB development group, I suddenly talked about the domain name, and then I took it for a moment. I spent 9 yuan to register a ZBP The domain name of cool. Domain name registration put two days, and then intend to do a theme, yes, you are not wrong, because a 9 yuan domain name intends to do a theme

Original price: ¥ three hundred and sixty-nine Preferential price: ¥ three hundred and sixty-five Member price: ¥ three hundred and sixty-five
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A set of high-end atmosphere theme, is also the theme of this site.

When doing this topic, because one day in the ZB development group, I suddenly talked about the domain name. Then I took it out of my hand and spent 9 yuan to register a zbp.cool domain name.

After two days of domain name registration, I plan to make a theme. Yes, you're not wrong, because a domain name with a price of 9 yuan intends to be a theme...

It's just that some people in the group complain that the pure blog theme is slightly monotonous, so this topic adds two CMS plates on an experimental basis.

This theme continued to do for more than three weeks, and also referred to the design of many classic themes.

This reference is not a simple reference, most of the code in the theme is my code bit by bit. For this topic, I don't know how much hair has been lost.

Even the small icons in the theme, I have redrawn a set.

Because this theme is also intended to be used by yourself, it will naturally be improved and upgraded.

Theme features:

High end atmosphere, responsive design

Light CMS, the home page can choose to open two CMS modules

Next page infinite load

Multi thumbnail display of article list (large, single, three)

Card list template (New)

Product theme (New)

Video function, support local video, external link, video website embedding (New)

Unique context display

Read more features

With hidden content, wechat focuses on obtaining password display function (wechat powder absorption)

With multiple sidebar modules, popular articles, hot comments, the latest articles, recommended reading, the latest comments, website information card (two kinds of display forms)

The contents of the sidebar can be customized in the background

Support custom color matching, support custom website background, personalized settings, style variety

The list thumbnail can be automatically generated. You can also put on the cover of the article and the large chart of the list. The list will have different display

Login button, you can set the login address, background address

Head beautification

The content and switch of slide can be set freely

Support the picture in the article click floating zoom

Appreciation function, praise button is divided into small button and large button, can be freely selected, collection code can be freely replaced

Click on the like function, you can choose to use the theme or plug-in

Article copyright notice, copyright notice is divided into original notice and general notice, publishing article can declare original, copyright notice support variable

Related article function (judged by label)

SEO settings, support custom TDK, article, classification support custom keywords, description

Article poster generation function, support custom settings logo, default image, text, etc., posters and QR code are generated in the foreground, does not affect the performance of the host

Multiple advertising positions, the advertising space is divided into computer terminal and mobile terminal



Update history:

11.26 major updates:

This update is large. It is recommended to update after backup

Add grafatar head portrait switch to beautify the head image. If it is turned on, the random head image will be replaced by the gravatar head image

Login button to add a drop-down menu, the background can be set freely

Mobile sidebar menu rewrite

Add the user center adaptation configuration, which can adapt to various user centers through the background settings

Perfect matching ink user center

11.13 update:

Optimize poster generation cross domain image support


Take over the webpage right-click menu

List display categories

10.15 update:

Modify the product template style, add custom color and water wave effect

Fixed sharing switch hidden button click invalid

10.10 update:

Fixed some icon placement errors when custom colors were enabled

Fixed big button icon error

Fixed display error of ad space at the top of card list

9.30 update:

Home CMS module to add a size map module

Modify some copywriting in the background

9.25 update:

Fix product theme reading more percentage calculation failure

The original image will still be used when repairing the list thumbnail three images

Adjust the size of the list thumbnail (because it needs to regenerate the thumbnail after changing the size, the loading of the first access to the article list will be slower, and it will be faster in the future)

Added three icons (see background help, all icons and class names)

9.23 updated:

Fixed Safari subscript symbols running to the next line.

9.22 updated:

Fine tuning card list style

Fixed the display of sidebar icons

Fixed the disappearance of the secondary dropdown in safari

9.21 update:

Add image attachment management function

Add external chain to internal chain (external chain killer) and support the conversion of text internal link, commodity theme button link and comment area reviewer website link into internal chain

Add cross domain image support for poster generation

9.18 updated:

Fix the activation range of secondary drop-down menu is too large

Add card type list classification template

Add product theme template

9.16 update:

Fixed reading more night mode still shows white

Add video theme function, add video link or video website embedded code

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