Extreme · we media blog theme

Extreme · we media blog theme

Theme features: W3C standard friendly SEO pictures SEO insert random class (low configuration template pseudo original) zbp1.7 native thumbnail album mode dark mode, can be fixed, can default multiple advertising positions and distinguish mobile phone computer avatar beautify Alipay wechat appreciation article copyright statement supports common and original, supports variables with multiple sidebar modules (popular articles, hot comments articles

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Theme features:

Meet W3C standard

Friendly SEO

Image SEO

Low class random insert template

Zbp1.7 native thumbnail

Album mode

Dark mode, timing, default

Multiple advertising space and distinguish mobile phone and computer

Head beautification

Appreciation of Alipay wechat

Article copyright notice supports common and original, and supports variables

With multiple sidebar modules (popular articles, hot comments, latest messages, random articles, news, three line recommendation)


Random label

Rotate pictures

Poster / like / share

Flash template (can also be used as micro language / timeline)

Hot headlines (also as bulletin / trumpet)

Adapt to zblog user center plug-in (Mochu user center)

It can be compatible with other user center plug-ins through background settings

Left sidebar widget

Subject screenshot:

 We media blog.jpg


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