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Extreme · Zhiboku 2. X high-end atmospheric ship newly upgraded to add Google structured data

  • ID : Jz52_ zbpcool
  • edition : 2.3.0
  • author : Lao Li next door ( Author website )  Contact author
  • Official website : https://zbp.cool/post/68.html
  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.7.2 Tenet
  • Update Date : 2023-10-03 14:12:21   Updated within three months
  • amount of downloads : three thousand four hundred and seven
  • Scoring : The average score of 64 people voting is 9.75/10
  • PHP version : 5.5 and higher
  • size : 4.97MB

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A set of high-end and grand themes. Lao Li uses it himself, and its functions are constantly increasing...

Users report that SEO effect is very strong...


Theme features:

✔️ High end atmosphere, responsive design

✔️ Light cms, two cms modules can be selected on the home page

✔️ Next Page Unlimited Load

✔️ Multi thumbnail display of article list (large image, single image, three images)

✔️ Card List Template (New)

✔️ Full Screen Card List (New)

✔️ Product display theme (display only, no payment and purchase function)

✔️ Video function, supporting local video, external links, video website embedding (new)

✔️ Featured contextual display

✔️ Read more

✔️ With built-in hidden content, WeChat pays attention to the password display function (WeChat powder suction)

✔️ Bring your own outreach killer

✔️ It comes with multiple sidebar modules, random articles, popular articles, hot reviews, latest articles, recommended reading, latest comments, website information cards (two forms of presentation)

✔️ The sidebar content can be customized in the background

✔️ Support customized color matching, customized website background, personalized settings, and changeable styles

✔️ ZBP1.7 native thumbnail can be generated, and the article cover and large list can also be displayed on your own. The list will have different presentation

✔️ Login button, you can set login address and background address

✔️ Adapt to the InkStart Z-Blog user center plug-in (the theme itself does not contain the user center)

✔️ Head beautification

✔️ Slides can set content and switch freely

✔️ Appreciation function. The likes button is divided into small button and large button, which can be freely selected, and the collection code can be freely replaced

✔️ Like function, you can choose to use the theme or plug-in

✔️ Article copyright notice, which can be divided into original notice and general notice, can be declared original when publishing articles, and the copyright notice supports variables

✔️ Related article function

✔️ SEO settings support user-defined TDK, and articles, categories, and tags support user-defined keywords and descriptions

✔️ The description description is automatically captured on the tab and search page

✔️ Picture SEO

✔️ View mode

✔️ The article poster generation function supports custom setting of logo, default image, text, etc. The poster and QR code are generated in the foreground, which does not affect the host performance

✔️ Multiple advertising spaces, which distinguish between computer and mobile terminals

✔️ Night mode, which can be defaulted and timed

✔️ MP3 player, supporting playlist (new)

✔️ Special topic (new)

✔️ Template pseudo original (improved inclusion) (new)

✔️ Articles are randomly classified (enhanced) (new)

✔️ Takeover context menu

✔️ Search pseudo static (new)

✔️ Keyword inner link search (small magnifying glass) (new)

✔️ Search sensitive word filtering (new)


Buy must see:

⚠️ Please check the application introduction carefully to confirm whether the application meets your use needs

⚠️ Please explain the problem directly before sales contact. Don't ask meaningless questions such as "Are you here?".

⚠️ After sales contact, please provide the order number. Please explain the reason for adding friends, and provide the order number for priority processing.

⚠️ In principle, after-sales service only includes the right to use the theme and subsequent free updates.

⚠️ Customer service online time is non legal holiday Monday Friday 8:30-17:30 Please leave a message or submit a work order at other times

⚠️ The Z-Blog user center plug-in (Mochu member center) is a paid plug-in of other developers. If you want to use it, you need to buy it by yourself. It is not the theme's own function

⚠️ Collection and reward points are the functions of the appropriate Mochu user center, and will not be displayed without this plug-in

⚠️ Not installing user center will not affect the use of theme

Theme presentation:

Click here to view the 2. X demo video     Click here to view the 1. X demo

⚠️ Developer website ZBP The theme of COOL version 1. X is different from the existing version of the Application Center, which is only for reference. The application center version has more functions

More applications:

Click here to view more applications of developers     Click here to join the ZBLOG website building exchange group (verification: zblog)

2. X version picture demonstration:

Home page common list (all home page list pages support)

 FireShot Capture 249 -- Website Title -- Good Luck To You--- 127.0.0.jpg

Full screen card style on the home page (supported on the list page on the home page)

 FireShot Capture 251 -- Website Title -- Good Luck To You--- 127.0.0.jpg

Card style with sidebar on the front page (supported on the list page on the front page):

 Card.jpg with sidebar

General articles

 FireShot Capture-260 --- Explore a secret place and fall into a dark blue --- My website --- 127.0.0.jpg

Ordinary video

 FireShot Capture 252 -- This fact is of great significance to me, and I believe it is also of certain significance to the world -- my website -- 127.0.0.jpg

Video website embedded code

 FireShot Capture 253 -- The way of university is to be virtuous, to be friendly to the people, and to be perfect--- My website - - 127.0.0.jpg

MP3 List

 FireShot Capture 257 -- Explore this dream trip to Shanghai with Miss Beauty -- My website -- 127.0.0.jpg

Commodity article

 FireShot Capture-255 --- The Emperor of the Han Dynasty paid more attention to the color and thought of the country, and the imperial court could not ask for it for many years--- My website - - 127.0.0.jpg

Large top view

 FireShot Capture 256 --- Ma Chao Fighting Jiameng Pass, Liu Bei Leading Yizhou Husbandry by Yourself --- My Website --- 127.0.0.jpg

WeChat powder suction

 FireShot Capture 254 -- WeChat powder suction demonstration -- my website -- 127.0.0.jpg


 FireShot Capture 258 -- Special -- My Website -- 127.0.jpg

 FireShot Capture 259 -- Test Topic -- My Website -- 127.0.0.jpg

Update History:


Add Google structured data code

Add random thumbnail

Optimization verification


Optimize time factor code

Optimization verification


Repair the shielding function of the external chain. The comment website of the building in the middle of the building is not effective

Add the entry for public security record filling


Optimize seo settings


Optimize image regularization to solve image seo errors caused by non-standard image code (single quotation marks)

Add a link to the article page to quickly enter the background to edit the article

Optimize poster generation code


Optimize some functions


New window of optional list article opens


Repair background image upload js


Replace some default materials

Modify some error descriptions in the background


Fix a small bug


Optimize thumbnail call generation logic

Optimize random articles

Optimize the display logic of the cover of related articles

Optimize Theme Style


Optimize some settings

Optimize some code


Optimize the display logic of advertising space

Optimize label display style

The minimum version of the zbp main program is limited to 1.7.2


Fix the error of the self contained seo function classification page title

Fix a code that may report errors in z5 under specific circumstances


Optimize picture light box settings and add more control options


Optimization list link

Optimize the style of some modules in the sidebar

Repair some styles in the dark mode

External chain killer supports direct jump without middle page


Optimize article picture light box

Add head attachment

Add classification filter for homepage article list

Add OG tag setting

Fixed invalid reading of large picture articles

Fix the misplacement of font size control of large picture articles and commodity articles

Some style adjustments

Optimize the effective logic of custom css

After updating, pay attention to clearing the template cache and browser cache


Uh The error of the previous version was not fixed, and it was repaired again


Urgently repair a time factor writing error, which can be ignored if not used


Optimize the time display, which can be selected from the following three modes: year month day, year month day hour: minute: second, and the first three modes of XXX

Add automatic interception description of classification (description of labels, classification and search results can be automatically intercepted)

Increase Baidu time factor (It's probably useless, but I can do without it, you can't do without~~)

Search sensitive word filtering supports resetting search results to empty (this topic has fully built in my 99.99 yuan in site search optimization plug-in)

Friendly link support mobile terminal is not displayed

Add the function of displaying the IP location in the message (follow the trend)

I'm too lazy to talk about other minor improvements

Pay attention to clearing the template cache and browser cache in time after updating


Minor modification in background, unnecessary update

2.1.2 Update:

Add display tag to the list (only for common list)

Text increase font size control control

Fine tune part style

Pay attention to clearing the template cache and browser cache in time after updating

2.1.1 Update:

Clear redundant codes

Optimize css

Custom cover page is preferred for context style

2.1.0 Update:

Add tab to automatically grab description description

Add pseudo static search

Add setting keyword inner link search (small magnifying glass)

Add Rewrite Search Page Title

Add filtering of search sensitive words

Add the disable index attribute of the kill search page

Add the description description automatically captured on the search page

Delete the light effect of the mobile terminal list image to solve the 0.8 second delay of clicking

2.0.9 Update:

Optimize the thumbnail calling logic, and pay attention to rebuilding the template cache after updating

2.0.8 Update:

Fix a mobile terminal card list bug found by a user

Fix the problem of adaptive height under large cover card list

Repairing the black text of textarea in the message in the dark mode

2.0.7 Update:

Optimize several small questions about the text style raised by the after-sales group

2.0.6 Update:

The card list with sidebar is changed to three columns

Fixed a bug that I thought had been fixed but didn't

Appreciation floating window changed to WeChat payment before Alipay

2.0.5 Update:

Add hyperlink to the picture called in the sidebar (it will take effect only after the cache is cleared and the template is recompiled after updating)

2.0.3 Update:

Fix the bug that the list outputs all the graphs when using the original graph

2.0.2 Update:

Fix bugs covered by slides

2.0 Updates


Adopt ZBP1.7 built-in method

Delete the thumbnail method of the theme

Appreciation button:

Add round appreciation button

Night mode:

Override CSS style

Add default night mode

Add timed night mode

Delete the function of automatic switching according to the system


Add picture SEO

Add viewing mode

Add personalized CLASS (pseudo original template)

Add article random class

Sidebar module:

Add tag random display

Add random article module

Home page setting:

Add the selection of article list presentation method (normal list/card list with sidebar/full screen card list)

Template file:

Add a column card list template

Add a large top image to display the article template

Style adjustment:

Maximum page width adjusted to 1160

Sidebar list thumbnail resizing

Add mouse to activate picture lighting animation

Other adjustments

1. X. X → 2. X. X Upgrade Precautions:

2. X. X only supports ZBP1.7 and above programs, and the minimum PHP version is 5.5

Because some configurations have been rewritten, the theme configuration → data repair and one click data repair must be performed after the upgrade

Because the icon class name has been modified, we need to change icon - to jzicon in the relevant settings-

The specific items to be modified are:

Basic Configuration → Right click to customize menu code

Sidebar Settings → Social Icon Code

Home page setting → bottom size image module icon/equal size image module title icon/image text list module title icon/friendship link icon

US adaptation → PC side additional menu/mobile side additional menu

Module management → navigation bar → icon (class attribute value) (if any)

Because the thumbnail generation method is modified, the thumbnail will be regenerated when the page is opened for the first time, and the page opening speed may be slower

Since ZBP1.7 has a different thumbnail cache directory, you can manually delete the thuimg folder under the root directory of the website after upgrading

Please clear the cache and recompile the template on the background homepage after upgrading

Please clear the browser cache after upgrading

The following is the content of the old version of 1. x, which is for reference only and can be ignored basically. 2. x has all the functions of 1. x~~

1.7.9 Update:

Fix an error

Friendly tips:

Since Zbp1.7 has stabilized, this topic is planned to be restructured in a future period. The restructured version will only support Zbp1.7 and above. If you have any questions, please add VIP group feedback.

1.7.8 Update:

Optimize meta

1.7.7 Update:

Related articles support articles under the same category if there is no related TAG

1.7.6 Update:

Fix the page turning error of image attachment management under ZBP1.7

1.7.5 Update:

Mobile end thematic cover adaptive optimization

1.7.3 Update:

The home page article list finally supports card display

404 page finally changed

Repair the cut green chicken on both sides of the card list

Note: After the update, you need to clear the cache and recompile the template

1.7.2 Update:

Add an option to display the classification name in the list label. The effect is shown in the following figure after opening it

 WeChat screenshot_ 20210318082744.png

1.7.1 Update:

Remove the border shadow in the dark mode

Fix the white background of the theme list in the dark mode

1.7.0 UPDATE:

Add a special function demonstration of rounding: https://zbp.cool/special

Fix several errors

1.6.5 Update:

The problem that the slides need to be reset due to repairing the pot and packing one more file

1.6.3 Update:

Optimize the adaptation of plug-in 3.7.3 of Mochu Z-Blog user center, If Mochu 3.7.3 is upgraded, it must be updated

Add MP3 player enable switch in the background

1.6.2 Update:

Optimize background configuration

Add MP3 player (support list) (refer to Tuoyuan free MP3 player for background style)

MP3 playback demonstration: https://zbp.cool/post/85.html

1.6.1 Update:

ZBP1.7 compatibility update

1.6.0 UPDATE:

The bottom is exposed when repairing the third figure

1.5.9 Update:

Optimize seo settings

1.5.8 Update:

The fine adjustment part is compatible with the css of Mochu Member Center

1.5.7 Update:

The next two secondary pull-down menus flash again, and this time they are really fixed

Optimize description capture filtering

The record number link is changed to https

1.5.6 Update:

Urgent repair related article picture error

1.5.5 Update:

A new thumbnail generation method is added for the failure of thumbnail generation in some host environments

1.5.3 Update:

Optimize css

Repair the flash of two adjacent secondary pull-down menus in some cases


12.25 Update:

Add whether poster generation displays time switch

Optimize code

12.15 Update:

It is unnecessary to update and modify some unintelligible instructions in the background settings (why do some people think they can't understand it...)

12.02 Update:

Modify part of the css (Mochu User Center adapts to css)

Fix a display error

11.25 Updated:

Urgently repair the error of dark night mode

11.25 Update:

This update is large. It is recommended to update after backup

Add Gravatar avatar switch for avatar beautification. If it is turned on, replace random avatar with Gravatar avatar

Drop down menu is added to login button, which can be set freely in the background

Move Sidebar Menu Override

Add user center adaptation configuration, which can adapt to various user centers through background settings

Perfect fit for Mochu user center (really perfect, even more perfect than Mochu's own theme, perfect to Mochu all come to PY)

Price rise

See the demo station for details: https://zbp.cool/

Note: The member center of the demonstration station is the Mochu member center, and the non theme has its own functions. This theme has been perfectly compatible with the Mochu user center

11.16 Update:

Optimize list cover image regularity

11.13 Update:

Optimize poster generation cross domain picture support

11.10 Update:

Add custom CSS

11.5 Update:

Fix a display error

10.27 Update:

Add the right mouse button setting for takeover

Add category name display in article list


10.19 Update:

Any user doesn't want to use the slides? Want to add your own code? Arrange!

For users with three or more levels of classification, modify the multi-level classification output logic. If there are lower levels, output the lower levels. If there are no lower levels, output the second level. Click the [All] button to link to the top level logic. Let's do it first

10.16 Update:

No need to update, just change the official website address

10.15 Update:

Modify the product template style, and add custom color matching and water wave effects

Repair Sharing Toggle Hide Button Click Invalid

10.10 Update:

Fix some icon position errors after enabling custom color matching

Fix big appreciation button icon error

Fix the display error of advertising space at the top of card style list

9.30 Update:

Add a size chart module to the CMS module on the home page

Modify background copy

9.25 Update:

Fix the item theme Read more percentage calculation failure

The original image is still used when repairing the three thumbnail images of the list

Adjust the size of the thumbnail of the list (because the thumbnail needs to be regenerated after the size is changed, the loading of the first access to the article list will be slower, and it will be faster later)

Three icons have been added (see background help for details, all icons and class names)

9.23 Update:

Fixed Safari subscript symbol running to the next line.

9.22 Update:

Fine tune card list style

Fix side bar icon display disorder

Fix the problem that secondary pull-down disappears under Safari

9.21 Update:

Add image attachment management function

Add external chain to internal chain (external chain killer) to support internal links, product theme button links, message area reviewer website links to internal chain

Add cross domain image support for poster generation


 WeChat screenshot_ 20200921094143.png

 WeChat screenshot_ 20200921094523.png

9.18 Update:

Repair the excessive activation range of the secondary pull-down menu

Add card type list classification template

Add commodity theme template

Product theme:

Card List:

9.16 Update:

Fixed Read More Night Mode Still Showing White

Add video theme function, which can add video link or video website embed code

Video topic list:

Video theme (video website code embedding):

Video theme (video link):

Hello, Z Blog related website has opened the real name system, please log in Bind your phone , and then make comments. Thank you for your support.

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2. The application you purchased in the application center, Only the license of the application, and the ownership of the application still belongs to the application provider.
3. An application can only be used for a single account. Without the consent of the website and the application provider, No secondary release, gift, resale, lease, piracy, etc , otherwise we will Permanently close the user account And reserves the right to continue to investigate relevant responsibilities.
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