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Extreme · Autumn Beginning Theme Video Demonstration

Theme features:

✔️ Beautiful and responsive design
✔️ Conform to W3C standards
✔️ Multiple classifications can be set on the home page to switch AJAX loading
✔️ Top Marquee Announcement
✔️ Next Page Unlimited Load
✔️ It comes with multiple sidebar modules, random articles, random reading, random one article, popular articles, hot reviews, latest articles, recommended reading, latest comments, website information card
✔️ ZBP1.7 native thumbnail is generated and can also be put on the cover of the article
✔️ Random thumbnails and no pictures automatically read pictures in the folder
✔️ Login button, you can set login address and background address
✔️ Logged in user drop-down information menu
✔️ Adapt to the InkStart Z-Blog user center plug-in (the theme itself does not contain the user center)
✔️ Head beautification
✔️ Slides can set content and switch freely
✔️ Multi grid recommendation on the home page
✔️ Appreciation button, payment code can be freely replaced
✔️ Like function, you can choose to use the theme or plug-in
✔️ Article copyright statement, which can be divided into general statement, original statement and reprint statement. When publishing an article, original statement can be declared. The copyright statement supports variables
✔️ Related article function
✔️ SEO settings support user-defined TDK, and articles, categories, and tags support user-defined keywords and descriptions
✔️ Tab and category pages support automatic fetching of the first few titles as description descriptions
✔️ Picture SEO
✔️ Album mode
✔️ Custom exclusive CLASS (pseudo original template)
✔️ Take over the system right-click menu, which can be used in the user-defined menu
✔️ Search pseudo static
✔️ Text label inner chain (match according to the current article label, add small label icons and links)
✔️ Baidu Time Factor
✔️ OG tag
✔️ The article poster generation function supports custom setting of logo, default image, text, etc. The poster and QR code are generated in the foreground, which does not affect the host performance
✔️ Multiple advertising spaces, which distinguish between computer and mobile terminals
✔️ Specially add random advertising spaces in the list, and insert advertising content into the article list randomly
✔️ Night mode, which can be defaulted and timed
✔️ Toolbar on the left of the article (PC side)
✔️ For article jump, you can set common jump, 301 jump, 302 jump
✔️ Quick picture attachment view
✔️ Footer ripple effect
✔️ Embedded Hongmeng font