How wide is the web page

Visual Design sixteen thousand one hundred and seven 13 years ago (2011-02-25)

In China, website design is regular Web Design The width of recognition is 1001px-1004px. With the development of the Internet industry, more and more attention is paid to User experience Let's take a look at the width of each portal:

Portal width 950px
Netease 960px
Renren 960px
Sohu 950px
HiChina 960px
Tencent 910px
CSDN 960px
JavaEye 950px
SUN 960px

Through the above several different websites, except Tencent, which has a width of 910px, other websites are either 950px or 960px. I think you should know the width of the website.

Web page width focuses on two factors:“ vision Effects and User Experience.

From the perspective of visual effects, the content on both sides of the screen is not the area for users to browse. In other words, users rarely look at the content on both sides of the website. Therefore, many foreign websites designed with 100% width will leave 20px blank on the left and right, which will make them feel more comfortable.

From the perspective of user experience, if the screen is too wide, it means that one line of text will be very long. When we read a book or a newspaper, we will notice the columns, making it easier for visitors to read. If the text is not divided into two lines, it is OK. If there are dozens of lines, how many people are willing to read it?

Nowadays, the display is getting wider and wider. If the web page continues to be wider, the viewer will definitely be confused.

Therefore, the width of the website page is between 950-980. If the 800 * 600 display is considered, the downward compatible design can be adopted (note: according to statistics, less than 1% of 800 * 600 displays are used today).