Apply for alphassl certificate, free one year, support pan domain name

Apply for alphassl certificate, free one year, support pan domain name

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Recently, I have been struggling with many certificates. At present, I know that the longest time is StartSSL The certificate can be signed for 3 years, but some browsers are not secure, such as: Firefox, so gave up.
What is SSL certificate? I don't elaborate here. Alphassl certificate can be signed for one year with high trust. SHA-256 bit. The most important thing is to support pan domain name.
Update on January 9, 2018: add one key to Russia's certificate issuing address: , the issuing steps are similar! Please provide your own translation for Russian If you have fun
1、 Generate CSR and key
open CSR file online generation website , fill in the relevant information. For the application of Pan domain name certificate, fill in *. in the domain name, and the email address must be the same as whois or the domain name mailbox.
2、 Apply for alphassl certificate
Copy the contents of the CSR file generated above Alphassl certificate request page And paste, e-mail and generate CSR fill in the same!
Click verify
Click on the email you just filled in. Wait a few seconds to a few minutes.
Successful application, enter the email and click the verification link.
Wait 2-3 minutes, the certificate CRT will come down, pay attention to check the mail.

After installation, see the effect.


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