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Comprehensive supporting products and services
Collect website, app, applet and offline retail statistics to form a comprehensive data analysis platform
Analysis cloud
Based on Baidu's big data capability, the SaaS analysis platform, which enables enterprises to deeply analyze and insight into user behavior, realizes automatic data collection in the whole domain and integrates various model algorithms.
Website statistics
The world's leading Chinese website traffic analysis platform provides data support for the refined operation decision of the website, thus effectively improving the return on investment of enterprises.
Mobile statistics
The industry-leading free app, small program statistical analysis tool, lightweight SDK rapid deployment, comprehensive monitoring of product performance, accurate insight into user behavior.
Retail solutions
Provide site selection decision-making, on-site and off-site customer group insight and accurate access services, enabling partners.
Global user behavior analysis platform
  • Analysis cloud
  • Website statistics
  • Mobile statistics
    • User portrait
      The user profile provides multi-dimensional basic attributes, visit intention and industry change trend, helps users understand the target group, lock in the hot spot trend, optimize the content operation, and insight into the potential traffic through the whole network analysis, and deeply excavate the portrait value.
    • Model upgrade
      Multi dimensional event model can flexibly associate attributes, refine user behavior, and fully reflect the core value of the product. Upgrade the user identification system to ensure the accuracy, uniqueness and stability of identification, and adapt to complex business analysis scenarios.
    • Higher order analysis
      Association analysis, behavior flow, custom SQL query, a variety of high-level analysis functions are deeply combined with business model to comprehensively help users grow.
    •  User portrait
    •  Model upgrade
    •  Higher order analysis
    • Baidu promotion
      It also provides data support for the refined operation decision-making of the website, so as to effectively improve the return on investment of enterprises.
    • SEO
      Exclusive access to Baidu search terms, help you to timely understand the search intention of visitors; strong cooperation with search engine crawling crawler, statistical code will push the website page to Baidu collection library in real time, accelerate the speed of website retrieval, reach visitors earlier; website speed diagnosis, SEO capture suggestions and other functions help users master the SEO effect in real time.
    • Thermodynamic diagram
      The world's first free intelligent thermal map can discover the interaction between users and the website by clicking the heat map to help improve the website experience, reduce the loss of users and improve the conversion rate.
    •  Baidu promotion
    •  SEO
    •  Thermodynamic diagram
    • Visual circle selection
      Visual circle selection embedding point is also called frame embedding point. It synchronizes the interface of mobile phone app to the computer end, and completes the embedding point by clicking circle selection on the computer side, so as to achieve the effect of collecting the click data of APP corresponding controls. The buried point method has no technical threshold, and is suitable for product operation and use. It can reduce R & D cost and improve efficiency.
    • Custom analysis
      Custom analysis supports users to select any dimension and index in the station to form a user-defined report. At the same time, the report can be solidified into a daily regular report to expand the report library. It is a supplement to the existing conventional statistical reports. At the same time, it can easily verify various analysis ideas through flexible and free combination of dimensions and indicators.
    • User clustering
      User clustering means that users are subdivided into different target groups through a variety of combination latitude, and support to view the data performance of different groups, and analyze crowd portraits. It plays an important role in the characteristic analysis, value analysis and marketing management of specific groups, and it is an important function to realize the refined Operation Oriented by users.
    •  Visual circle selection
    •  Custom analysis
    •  User clustering
Technology and product advantages
Based on the international leading big data technology capability and Baidu's massive data resources, it is dedicated to create
 Minimalist access
Minimalist access
Zero cost access, supplemented by complete guidance notes, practices the concept of easy to use, instant use.
 Second response
Second response
Baidu's mature distributed computing framework, massive data storage engine and other advanced technologies, data second level response.
 Strong stability
Strong stability
Hot and cold dual standby, large-scale server cluster stability guarantee, ensure the website data security, stability, real-time.
 Data export
Data export
Traffic, consumption and user business data are seamlessly connected, and open data supports users to build their own data platform.
 Massive resources
Massive resources
Rich user tags and big data user understanding help users gain insight and fine grouping of people.
Typical users
  • 7k7k games
  • PP video
  • Stationmaster's house
  •  7k7k
    7k7k games coo
    Liu Xue
    "Baidu statistics can provide accurate and reliable data"
    Baidu statistics is not only powerful and easy to use, but also provides safe and stable services and accurate and reliable data, which is incomparable with any other statistical tool. 7k7k small game is based on the website statistics powerful function and reliable data, constantly optimize the website, in the content and layout control is more handy.
  •  7k7k
    Product owner of PP video website
    Zhu Yue
    "Baidu statistics can provide insight into the comprehensive browsing behavior and trajectory of visitors"
    Baidu statistics provides very accurate data for website operation, which enables us to maximize the understanding of visitors' browsing behavior and click habits, and provides the most powerful and intuitive data support for the update of pptv network TV products. Thank you for the website statistics team!
  •  7k7k
    General manager of station master's home North Branch
    Qiu song
    "Baidu statistics can greatly improve the operation ability of users"
    Baidu statistics helps Chinese webmasters understand website operation from different angles, changing the simple habit of "reading traffic" into "understanding traffic", which greatly improves the operation ability of users.
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