Startssl certificate request and website enable HTTPS encrypted access

Startssl certificate request and website enable HTTPS encrypted access

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What is SSL certificate?
SSL (secure sockets layer) and its successor transport layer security (TLS) are security protocols that provide security and data integrity for network communication. TLS and SSL encrypt the network connection at the transport layer. After the SSL certificate is enabled, the website will use the encryption method of HTTPS to link, so the data transmission is more secure, and the search engine pays more attention to SSL, which is conducive to SEO.

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1: Request SSL certificate

1. Application for certificate
Start SSL free certificate application valid for 3 years, open the website and register
Check email, enter verification code to confirm registration and login
Click here to apply for a certificate
Select a verify domain name control and verify
Fill in the relevant information

2. The server generates the key key and CSR
Use SSH tool to login and execute the command:
openssl req -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout yourname. key -out yourname.csr
Download yourname.key and yourname.csr from your / root directory
Copy the CSR content to the startssl application box, confirm and download the certificate
Decompress the compressed package to get the certificate package of several environments
Public key CRT, private key, keep it properly

2: Install SSL Certificate in Kangle environment

Enter Kangle's easypanel panel to add a website (or modify a website) - the port is changed to 80443s
User control panel SSL certificate paste public key CRT and private key content
In this way, the configuration tutorial of Kangle is completed. Visit it with HTTPS
This is the application and configuration method of certificate. If there is any problem, please leave a message below. Thank you



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