September blog zh-CN "September blog" was established on September 15, 2016 (named September) website: www.9ywk This month, non-profit website. Most of them record life, personal feelings and some technical abstracts, or reprint and share some interesting things. Sat, 02 Apr 2022 17:40:00 +0800 Sat, 02 Apr 2022 17:40:00 +0800 Windows screen stroboscopic solution Sat, 02 Apr 2022 17:40:00 +0800 September The old laptop on my hand has been used for many years. My eyes are very tired after using it for a while. I don't pay much attention to this detail problem. Today, I'm bored to open the camera to check the flicker problem on the screen. I'm scared when I see it. Stroboscopic is very serious and it's too harmful to the eyes!!!

 It's too flashy

{alert type="success"}
Mobile camera professional mode, adjust ISO to the maximum, and you can view it by aiming at the screen

View default strobe

So I searched the Internet and found a software to change the strobe. The default stroboscope was only 200


CMD window execution software: PWMHelper. exe View default strobe

Change the strobe to 2000


CMD window execution software: PWMHelper. exe 2000 Change the strobe to 2000

{message type = "info" content = it is suggested to modify it appropriately. It may affect the screen hardware if it is too large. "/}

After modification, the stripe will not flash in an instant


Automatic modification after startup

After testing, it was rebooted and restored.
Bat script is used to realize automatic modification after startup.

1. Create a new script with bat suffix

 @echo off start  "wumin" "C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe" C:\Users\jiuyue\Desktop\CMD\PWMHelper. exe 2000 taskkill /f /im cmd. exe exit

{collapse item label = above script command explain click expand "}
The first batch is executed on the command line.

The second line is the start command, which starts CMD Exe program. As for Wumin, the name of the commander of the CMD command can be left blank. The following is the storage path of the CMD.

The third line is the command to execute in CMD.

The fourth line is to close the CMD command window after executing the command.

The fifth line is also an exit command, which seems to be optional.

2. Put this script into

 C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

The system can start automatically and execute command modification. If you cannot find the above directory, you can find it through "run" – shell: startup.



From my love forum:

Xiaomi 8 brush win11 / Android dual system Mon, 07 Feb 2022 14:36:00 +0800 September This tutorial is Xiaomi 8ud 8 + 128G version
In fact, Xiaomi 8 is not able to run the win system. You can check the windows device support status: The tutorials are the same, some of the files used are different.

Brush the machine at risk! Careful operation!

Brush the machine at risk! Careful operation!

Brush the machine at risk! Careful operation!


The method of swiping the machine and all the documents of this project are not developed or made by myself. I have only done resource integration. All the documents are obtained from the Internet and have been uploaded to Alibaba's online disk. You can only learn and exchange, and do not do business transactions. The economic disputes and legal liabilities arising from this have nothing to do with me.

As well as the risks of unlocking the mobile phone, I hope you all know. Therefore, the way to unlock the mobile phone should be consulted by Baidu or Xiaomi community. This is a tutorial. If the software and hardware damage after unlocking and brushing is irrelevant to me, it is recommended not to use the main machine to try! The person watching the video or downloading the file on the network disk agrees with this statement by default.

1、 Hardware environment

Computer, type-C OTG cable, USB dock, keyboard, mouse, 16g + U disk, Xiaomi 8 screen fingerprint version 8 + 128

2、 Software preparation

Don't download the wrong code for the driver

Xiaomi 8 Regular Edition: dipper
Xiaomi 8 screen fingerprint version: equuleus

name explain Location Download address Extraction code
dism++ Release mirror tool USB drive nothing nothing
SDM845 Sdm845 latest driver USB drive WOA-Drivers nothing
win11 Win image USB drive nothing nothing
KMS Activation tool USB drive nothing nothing
PE instruction PE instruction USB drive nothing nothing
PE PE image computer Dial one thousand two hundred and thirty-four
ADB adb computer nothing nothing
MIUI system MIUI system computer nothing nothing
parted Parted mobile phone partition file computer nothing nothing
UEFI1.1 Win boot image computer nothing nothing
One click twrp Third party rec computer nothing nothing

{dotted startColor="#ff6c6c" endColor="#1989fa"/}

3、 Brush miui12 and PE into millet 8

1. Unlock mobile phone (self Baidu and understand the risk of unlocking mobile phone

2. Brush recovery + copy partition file (parted)

① After the mobile phone is unlocked, enter rabbit mode( FastBoot mode )And connect the computer (after shutting down, press the shut down key and volume -)

② , open: in Xiaomi 8ud Android 10 one click twrp folder Recovery twrp one click brush in tool bat Wzsx150 production )Press the prompt, and the phone will restart several times to enter twrp

③ After entering twrp, senior Sign boot Restart (prevent REC)

④ In the "parted file" folder parted Copy the file to the internal storage root directory of the phone

3. Configure your computer with an ADB environment (skip if you have one)

① Right click the computer - properties - advanced system settings - Advanced - environment variables

② , in the system variable below, find the Path Variable, double-click

③、 newly build -The "File address" Copy it here and click OK to exit

4. Partition your phone (make sure your phone is more than 80%)

① Run the command prompt as an administrator to ensure that the mobile phone is in twrp and connected to the computer

② , enter on the command line adb shell Copy the following line by line into the command line window and press enter

 cp /sdcard/parted /sbin/ && chmod 755 /sbin/parted umount /data && umount /sdcard parted /dev/block/sda P ා enter a p to display the partition information of your mobile phone No.21 is the "user data" partition mkpart esp fat32 1611MB 2100MB mkpart pe fat32 2100MB 5100MB mkpart win ntfs 5100MB 68GB    mkpart userdata ext4 68GB 123GB   set 21 esp on

③ Restart REC

5. Format partition

① , enter again on the command line adb shell , copy the following line by line to the command line window and press enter.

 mkfs. fat -F32 -s1 /dev/block/by-name/pe mkfs. fat -F32 -s1 /dev/block/by-name/esp mkfs. ntfs -f /dev/block/by-name/win mke2fs -t ext4 /dev/block/by-name/userdata

6. Wire brush miui12

① Turn off the phone and restart to enter rabbit mode( FastBoot mode )And connect the computer (after shutting down, press the shut down key and volume -)

② Open the "miv12.1" folder XiaoMiFlash. exe Software

③ Click the Drive Install the driver and select the folder in the brush package just unzipped dipper_ images_ V12.5.1.0. QEACNXM_ 20210602.0000.00_ 10.0_ cn

④ Load the device. After the device appears, click delete all at the bottom (remember not to lock the phone again), and then click brush

⑤ Wait for the automatic start-up to complete after the line is brushed

7. Press the key again to brush Xiaomi 8 into recovery

① Press the turn off button and volume to enter rabbit mode( FastBoot mode )And connect to the computer

② , open: in Xiaomi 8ud Android 10 one click twrp folder Recovery twrp one click brush in tool bat (wzsx150 production), according to the prompt operation, the mobile phone will restart several times to enter twrp

③ After entering twrp, senior Boot signature (prevent rec from restarting)

8. Copy the PE image and UEFI file to the internal storage of the phone, and mount the PE partition to / MNT

① Restart the mobile phone to twrp

② In the "uefi1.1" folder boot-equuleus. img File, PE image folder 20h2pe_ new The folder is copied into the internal storage root directory of the phone

③ , enter again on the command line adb shell Mount PE partition to /mnt

Copy the following line by line into the command line window and press enter.

 mount /dev/block/by-name/pe /mnt cp -r /sdcard/20h2pe_ new/* /mnt

9. Install image image

① Restart to enter twrp, backups partition boot Back to Android

②、 install Brush in image image boot-equuleus. img Boot partition – restart the phone

At this point, if successful, the loading interface will appear and enter PE. If you fail, jump back to step 8

{dotted startColor="#ff6c6c" endColor="#1989fa"/}

4、 Install win11

1. Connect your keyboard, mouse and USB flash disk to your mobile phone through USB dock and OTG cable (make sure your phone power is more than 80%)

2. Setting the drive letter for EFI system partition

There is no need to close the command line window after entering

① Open the PE instruction txt File (this computer - your USB flash disk - PE command. Txt)

② , copy PE instruction TXT The first half of the file instructions, line by line copy to the command line window and enter

 We'll come back later select disk 0 list part Select part 21 ා 21 is your ESP partition number assign letter=Y exit

3. Release win11 image and install driver

① Open the "2. Dism + + release image tool" folder in the U disk, and double-click Dism++ARM64. exe After entering the software, click accept

② Click the upper left corner file - Release image

③ , select win11's ISO Mirror, release position, select the largest disk, remember to tick Add Guide

④ Wait patiently. After installation, click determine

⑤ , click Open session , select the one on the left Drive management , and then click the blue one in the lower right corner Driver add

⑥ Open the "1. Sdm845 driver" folder in the USB flash disk and select output , click Select Folder , wait patiently

⑦ Click OK to close the software Dism++ARM64. exe

4. Close close drive signature

① , back to Command window and PE instruction txt

② Copy the following line by line to Command window enter

 bcdedit /store Y:\efi\microsoft\boot\bcd /set {Default} testsigning on bcdedit /store Y:\efi\microsoft\boot\bcd /set {Default} nointegritychecks on

5. Restart and enter win11 system

① Copy the following to Command window Turn off the phone

 shutdown -s -t 0

② Turn off the screen for a few seconds. Press the power on button and wait patiently for about 5 minutes to complete the startup

③ Open the U disk and open the system HEU_ KMS_ Activator_ v23.1.0. exe Software, click start

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5、 Touch and brightness

From the selfless dedication of group Friends: @Awe inspiring provide

① In the "touch brightness repair test version of DSDT MI8 with one key" One click for DSDT Copy folder to computer desktop

② , in Replace the DSDT cmd Right click on the file, run as an administrator and restart

6、 How to switch Android / win11 system

1. Backup boot

1、 Backup boot of Android system

The Android system has been backed up just now

2、 Backup win11 boot

① Press the power on key and volume up key to enter twrp in the off state

②、 backups partition boot

2. Switch Android / win11 system

① In twrp, click restore

② According to the backup time, you can know which boot is Android and which is win11. Click restart to start the corresponding system.

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Video tutorial reference station B up: Xinxu
Video link of nanny level machine brushing: BV1pU4y1A7QV
Dual system video link: BV1dL4y187XX_ P1
No clip, one brush, double system video link: BV1dL4y187XX_ P2
Up main QQ communication group: nine hundred and seventy-eight million two hundred and fifty-nine thousand two hundred and eighty-one
Up master Baidu network disk J2t: code extraction
This article comes from B station up: Xinxu Baidu disk tutorial document, slightly modified, simple backup. To prevent long time not toss, afraid to forget:: (funny) ]]>
Centos7 adds or modifies SSH port Fri, 10 Dec 2021 13:53:00 +0800 September VIM edit SSH configuration
 vim /etc/ssh/sshd_ config

Find "port 22", type "yyp" in this line, copy the line to the next line, remove the comments of the two lines, and modify it to

 Port 22 Port 10086

The default listening port of SSH is 22. If you do not specify other ports by force, "port 22" notes that all ports are open 22 access ports. I reserved port 22 above to prevent access to port 22 due to various permissions and configuration problems. When everything is OK, close port 22.

Restart the server

 shutdown -r now
Ffmpeg video watermarking Tue, 03 Aug 2021 20:28:00 +0800 September  ffmpeg_ test. png

{message type = "success" content = "preview video at bottom" /}

Install ffmpeg

Centos 7

 **Install the EPEL release. Because the installation needs to use other repo sources, it needs to be supported by EPEL sudo yum install -y epel-release rpm **If there is a missing code prompt, execute this command sudo rpm --import /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-EPEL-7  **Import a code sudo rpm --import   **Install the nux dextop source sudo rpm -Uvh **Install ffmpeg sudo yum install -y ffmpeg **Check whether ffmpeg is successfully installed, and the version of ffmpeg will be displayed ffmpeg -version

Ffmpeg de watermarking

Generate a frame image of the video

 INFILE=FFmpeg_ music_ mv. mp4 ffmpeg -hide_ banner -ss 3 -y -i "${INFILE}" -f image2 -vframes 1 ${INFILE}. jpg ** FFmpeg-music-mv. Mp4 is the video in the current directory **The current directory obtains a frame image ffmpeg music MV mp4.jpg

Get watermark coordinates
reference resources: ffmpeg-watermark-position-extraction-tools

Open web page Upload the image obtained above, and manually move the mask to the watermark position [size] to cover the watermark

Command: area will generate commands (only capture the content of the video for 15 seconds)
ffmpeg -hide_ Banner - loglevel error - Y - I source video name Mp4 - VF delogo = x = 771: y = 20: w = 144: H = 58: Show = 0 - t 15 output name of watermark mp4

De watermark
 INFILE=FFmpeg_ music_ mv. Mp4 source video ffmpeg -hide_ banner -loglevel error -y -i FFmpeg_ music_ mv. mp4 -vf delogo=x=771:y=20:w=144:h=58:show=0 -t 15 222. mp4

Complete content removal time parameters: -t 15

 Infile = source video mp4 ffmpeg -hide_ Banner - loglevel error - Y - I source video Mp4 - VF delogo = x = 240: y = 446: w = 256: H = 114: Show = 0 mp4

{dotted startColor="#ff6c6c" endColor="#1989fa"/}

Source video preview:
{dplayer src=" "/}
:: (funny) Video preview to remove watermark:
{dplayer src=" "/}

{mtitle title="END"/}

Linux installing Python Mon, 07 Jun 2021 20:38:00 +0800 September




 tar -xf Python-3.9.5. tgz cd Python-3.9.5

Compile and install

 ./ configure && make && make install

Wait patiently...

Check whether the version is installed successfully

 python3 -V

Establishing a soft link

At the end of the compilation, the program is usually installed in the /usr/local/bin lower
If Python - V does not display the version, create a soft link, which takes effect globally
Soft connection

 ln -s /usr/local/bin/python3.9 /usr/bin/python ln -s /usr/local/bin/python3.9-config /usr/bin/python-config

PIP command error

-bash: pip: command not found

Solution (CentOS version)

Download PIP script


Python executes PIP script installation

 python3 get-pip. py

View PIP version

 pip -V

Uninstall Python 3

 rpm -qa|grep python3|xargs rpm -ev --allmatches --nodeps

Delete all remaining files

 whereis python3 |xargs rm -frv

View an existing installation of Python

 whereis python
It's windy - you can buy hot noodles with coupons Thu, 06 May 2021 21:43:00 +0800 September After buying the copyright, I always feel that I can use more than one copy.

Suddenly heard this song, let me suddenly recall that summer

Think of the past, is also a lot of emotion, but as time goes by

Lossless - the first version of the 18 years of feeling:: (HA HA)

{MP3 name = "lossless - first version" URL=“ It's windy to buy hot pepper flac" cover=" " theme="#404040" autoplay="autoplay"/}

{cloud title = "download song - windy" type = "default" URL=“ It's windy to buy hot pepper flac" password=""/}

Record enterprise wechat parameters Wed, 14 Apr 2021 15:17:00 +0800 September parameter explain Access method AgentId Application ID Application interface corpsecret Application key Application interface corpid Enterprise ID Bottom of my business touser Member ID / account number @All represents all members of the enterprise media_ id Image media file ID Online access is valid for 3 days

Filling order

Enterprise ID, application key, member ID / account, application ID, image media file ID

F12 get media_ id

Management tools - Material Library - upload an image - F12 to find the image URL Request media in address_ id

Updated down driver Wed, 07 Apr 2021 18:26:00 +0800 September Just download AI software, open the prompt Video: NVIDIA geforce 850, unsupported video driver

According to the repair tips, updated the next driver, perfect solution

NVIDIA driver download

Just search. This is mine
 nvidia. png

When installing, choose the second one. I don't know how the first one will fail.
 nvidia-qudon. png

After installation, open AI, no prompt, click Help - system compatibility report - no conflict

Before OBS monitor capture, does not display the image, according to the online tutorial operation can not solve

Through this update It's amazing that OBS works

But still need simple settings, desktop right-click NVIDIA panel - manage 3D - program settings - Custom OBS - integrated image

QAQ: window capture chrome does not display
Restart chrome hardware to speed up shutdown

Local projects are uploaded to GitHub via GIT Fri, 02 Apr 2021 16:14:00 +0800 September Download git installation
Install it by default, and then open the menu bar git bash

First installation configuration

 #Configure mailbox with the same account name git config --global user. name “Your_github-Username” git config --global user. email “Your_github-email” #View user name mailbox git config user. name git config user. email #You can also view the user's mailbox directly vim ~/. gitconfig Exit: Q

Create SSH key
Since the transmission between the local git warehouse and GitHub warehouse is encrypted through SSH, you need to set it up when connecting

First look at your C disk user directory has SSH directory Hidden (user name)
Have a look at it Does SSH have any Private key ID_ RSA and public key ID_ rsa. pub These two files, if any, will jump to the next step. If not, they will be created by the following command

 ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "your_github-email"

Just go back a few times

GitHub setting SSH key
Login to GitHub New SSH key

title content
Title Fill in as you like, for example, GIT
Key Generated: ID_ rsa. pub

Create empty warehouse (for uploading)

Other orders

git rm -r --cached .
Delete all files in the cache (note that if there is a space, if you change. To a file name, you will cancel a file)

Git upload

The remote warehouse is empty

(new warehouse, no readme. MD)

1. CD to the directory to be uploaded (local warehouse)
For example, in the test folder, PWD can view the current location

2. Initialize the local warehouse

 git init

The current test directory will create Git folder
This means making this folder a git manageable repository, a local repository that git uses to track and manage version libraries

3. Associate remote warehouse

 Git remote add origin GitHub warehouse HTTPS address

4. Add file to cache

 git add .        // All contents in the current directory / / add user or git file Git status / / view cache file

Pay attention to this ".", There is a space in it On behalf of this test, all the files in this folder are submitted. You can also submit the specified file by git add

5. Submission instructions

 git commit -m 'first commit'

-The quotation mark after M is the comment content submitted this time. If it is not filled in, an error will be reported

6. Upload


 Git branch XXX / / create branch Git branch - A / / view branch Git checkout XXX / / switch branches
 git push -u origin master

The remote warehouse is empty, so the parameter - u should be added to push the cached file to the master branch of GitHub warehouse

Remote warehouse is not empty

(old warehouses, including those without records)

1. Clone remote warehouse (download)

 Git clone warehouse address

2. CD to clone repository
➽ the cloned repository contains No longer need to associate git with GIT

3. Add file to cache

 git add .        // All contents in the current directory Git add user / / specify a file or folder Git status / / view cache file

4. Submission instructions

 git commit -m 'first commit'

5. Upload

 git push origin master

Delete warehouse file

Local and remote deletion

 Git clone warehouse address //There is something to ignore Git RM file / / will be deleted locally Git RM - R folder / / will be deleted locally git rm -rf .               // Local all will be deleted Git commit - M 'delete a file' git push origin master

If you do not want to delete the local file, only delete the corresponding part of the cache, add --cached

Remote warehouse delete only

 Git clone warehouse address //There is something to ignore Git RM -- cached file / / will not be deleted locally Git RM - R -- cached folder / / will not be deleted locally git rm -rf --cached .            // All local files will not be deleted Git commit - M 'delete a file' git push origin master

Nginx + RTMP live streaming server Thu, 11 Mar 2021 15:50:39 +0800 September This article is based on the pagoda panel

Uninstall nginx

The configuration of nginx RTMP and nginx is different, and the installation of nginx RTMP is not supported in the pagoda panel

Pre download nginx

 cd /www/server git clone #Error in Git - install Git

Modify configuration (pay attention to format)

 vim /www/server/panel/install/nginx. sh

Add module: --add-module=/www/server/nginx-rtmp-module

Install nginx (a long time, can cooperate with screen)

 sh /www/server/panel/install/nginx. sh install 1.18

Create a website and remember the site directory

Modify nginx configuration

Setup configuration modification about 13 lines added

 rtmp { server { listen 6666; # Monitor the port, randomly change, after replacement remember square corresponding port chunk_ size 4000; application hls { live on; hls on; hls_ path /www/wwwroot/xx. com/live; # This is the live folder path hls_ fragment 5s; } } }

Overload, restart nginx

Push flow

Streaming address: rtmp://IP:port/hls

Play address: http://IP/live/ Push stream key m3u8

The streaming key is set in the streaming client, such as obs

Firewall release port

This paper refers to: