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Follow the principle of friendship before link. If you need to exchange friendship links, please Leaving a message. apply

The content is positive, without porn, gambling, etc

This website will check the added friendship links irregularly. If it is found that the link has been invalid for more than a week, it will directly cancel your site link

The content of this site is relatively small, and it is basically not updated. Please consider it clearly before you link. Thank you

2021.3.4 Clear the following links

Lingyi Blog Can't open it many times
Marisn (National Day Blog) Long term no friend chain

2021.12.12 Clear the following links

Sparrow Nest Check that the friend chain has not added this site

2022.4.2 Clear the following links

Mango We Media Check that the friend chain has not added this site

No new application link temporarily December 26, 2019

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