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[build] install Discuz! Q API test failure, solution

Discuz! Q recently launched the PC UI, which is used with mobile terminal, applet and H5, which is also a good choice for building a station. Install Discuz! Q process will detect various parameters, even according to the official document operation will encounter some problems, such as the problem I encountered. API test failed, using pagoda Linux, in strict accordance with the official installation process, installation and testing procedures, that is, the previous step of configuring database information, check
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[life] Tianyi gateway 3.0 is changed to bridge mode, that is to change to optical cat mode

Since the mobile broadband was replaced by telecom broadband two months ago, I have directly switched Tianyi gateway 3.0 to the optical cat mode, that is, the bridging mode. I do not turn on the garbage routing function, because the gateway performance is really hot. We can see that the power consumption of the device is 6W, and the power input 12V1A is up to 12W, that is, the power consumption must be greater than 6W when the power is fully turned on, and the heating + 9 LED lights + 2.4G wireless network + optical cat signal conversion. Post Bar search for a general
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[life] in fact, there is no big problem with the water quality in rural areas. It can be drunk

In recent years, more and more people feel that the well water is easy to scale, so I bought a millet water quality detection pen in a bao29r to test the purity of the water, so as to consider whether to buy a water purifier. The purity of the well water pumped to the water tower is more than 250. The water from the house is boiled and cooled. Purity: more than 150. Pond water beside the well in the village: less than 120. Purchased Nongfu mountain spring mineral water: more than 60. The well is two meters away from the pond
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 [chaos] in the telecom business hall, I found two cards that were not handled by me

[chaos] in the telecom business hall, I found two cards that were not handled by me

When I was a freshman, I knew that there was a Unicom card that was not handled by myself under my ID card. It's been three or five years now. At the end of May 2020, I complained about Unicom's private use of my information for other people's cards, and then multi-level Unicom called me. One level of Unicom privately erased the overdue fee of more than 80 yuan and told me that only a few cents of the card and campus broadband arrears were found and helped me eliminate them. No compensation was mentioned, and I have no evidence. Forget it, I successfully cancelled that non
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[build site] build a website with cloudflare's free workers.dev

I believe everyone has used the DNS, CDN and firewall provided by cloudflare. Cloudflare also launched workers.dev last year, a server free execution environment that allows you to create new applications or enhance existing applications without having to purchase, configure, or maintain servers. Free package 100000 requests / day, each request takes up to 10 ms CPU time, after the first request
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[operation and maintenance] localization of static resources, recording a web page optimization process

Self built personal microblog, sometimes open very fast, sometimes open very slowly, sometimes open some styles can not load out. I wonder, what's wrong? Attacked? Check and analyze the CDN and find out everything is normal. Server reason? Migrate to another cloud server, or the same. Then press F12 to record the network activity and test the resource network. It is found that several JS and CSS are not loaded, and cloudflare resources are used. Obviously
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[program] Pigon - build a lightweight microblog

A lightweight message board / Notepad / social system / blog / Notes Source code! There is no clear definition of the role, everything is arbitrary ~ since Zha Lang arranged my account, I have found the source code of the big guy and built my own micro blog. I don't rely on ZHELANG to master my data and security. Author blog Demo: HTTPS: / / tql. Ink / my blog Demo: HTTPS: / / www.sqyai
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