Use cloud function to upgrade Netease cloud music account automatically

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This project can give Netease cloud music brush to listen to the number of songs to achieve the purpose of rapid upgrade. It is very cool to use. From now on, it will automatically clock out 300 songs every day, and can use multiple accounts (up to hundreds in theory). It will send messages to wechat to report the task progress every day. This project is divided into Python client and API interface (server). There are three deployment methods. Cloud function is recommended here.

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Due to the large number of users of the author API, if an API exception occurs, please change the trigger time of the scheduled task

Enter cloud function

Take the cloud function of Tencent cloud as an example. If you don't have it, you can open it for free. Address:

New function

The function name is optional. Choose Python 3.6 as the running environment, create a blank function, and then go to the next step

Project Download

Upload code

Make sure the environment is python 3.6 The execution method is changed to: index.main You must select a local folder for the submission method. Then clone the zip package from the GitHub project, unzip it into a folder, and then click this upload to upload the folder. After that, click the advanced settings below.

advanced setting

It doesn't use too much memory, 64MB That's enough. Change the timeout to the maximum 900 seconds , and then click finish at the bottom.

Account Configuration

Change it yourself init.config The account number, password and Server sauce key (wechat notification), which uses multiple accounts should also be configured account.json After that, click save and test. If your configuration is correct, wait a few minutes to see the results. Do not refresh the page during this time. The results will be in your own journal.

Setting timing

Click trigger management on the left, and then create a new trigger. The trigger cycle is user-defined. The expression is when to do the task every day. I choose 8:30 am 0 30 8 * * * * , you can modify it by yourself, and then click submit to complete the deployment of your daily listening project

Effect display

It can be seen before use that seven hundred and three First, after use one thousand and four First.

Wechat notification

If the server sauce key is configured correctly, you will be informed

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