Customize your Google Chrome for Android

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Google Chrome browser should be familiar to all of us. It has been liked by the majority of netizens. However, the operation mode of the browser is not suitable for the habits of Chinese people. We can use it chrome://flags Lab features give chrome some customization of the interface.

All of the following are in Chrome version 78.0 Operation, other versions may be different, self-test.

Laboratory functions

In the chrome address bar, enter: chrome://flags/ Enter the lab

Cancel menu bar update prompt

Search: force-update-menu-type
Change to: None

Window horizontal screen (version 78 later seems to be invalid)

Search: enable-horizontal-tab-switcher
Change to: enabled

Bottom bar mode (restart software twice)

Search: enable-chrome-duet
Change to: enabled

Hide article recommendation

Search 1: Show server-side suggestions on the New Tab page
Search 2: interest-feed-content-suggestions
Change to: Disabled

Search engine display icon

Search: omnibox-search-engine-logo
Change to: enabled

When the window is in group mode, the bottom bar mode will be disabled

Search: enable-tab-groups-ui-improvements
Change to: enabled

  • There are a lot of them, but I just list some common ones

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