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Nanjing Tour

Precocious 2012-07-03 Take a journey five thousand and fifty-five

Last month, I went to Nanjing and Zhenjiang on a business trip. After reporting that day, I began to look for places to eat at night,

I wanted to go to smigoo and ask her to take a stroll around, but she said she was not free and had to wander around with my colleagues.

We talked about going to Xinjiekou Hotel to have dinner with cuckoo fat gut fish. We ordered a fat gut fish, salted duck and so on. After eating, we felt just like this..

Because I always like to take a picture after eating, so I don't want to send pictures, just other pictures.


After eating, I went shopping and digested it. I started to look for the bookstore and went to the famous Pioneer Bookstore


The interior decoration is very distinctive


Of course, the important thing is that the books in it are also very good


Then he went back home..

On the same day, we stayed at the Orange Hotel at the entrance of Xuanwu Lake Tunnel. There was a Rubik's Cube in the room. Hey, there was a cup of coffee after we finished the competition, so we got it decisively!

The next day, after finishing work, I moved to Zhenjiang. Zhenjiang is a very suitable city for living, with a low pace of life.

On the same day in Zhenjiang, I played several billiards, and my colleagues found a set of American country music CDs on the roadside,

The next afternoon, after visiting Shen Kuo's former residence, he began to look for the bookstore again,

I didn't find anything. I only found a small bookstore on the roadside, which sold pirated books. I spent 10 yuan to buy a copy of "Mind Skill". I wanted to go back and read it, but I solved it that night.


In a square in Zhenjiang, at night, I saw thousands of people dancing square exercises together, some old and some young. This situation really shocked me. My heart said, be good, and keep fit for all!


Finally, back to Ningbo~~~

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Teacher Zhou is so stylish


Nanjing is also the place where I pay attention to the weather, because children are studying there. Pioneer Bookstore is famous. I heard from children.

 My name is Qi

Life is so pleasant. The blogger is enjoying himself

 Large pig

Life is so delicious. Easy.

ah it 's not bad

I also like this kind of petty bourgeoisie, warm place.

Petty bourgeoisie...
 migrant worker

Love books so much? One bookstore after another..

Books are necessary in life...



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