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Repair instructions on blind-xxe arbitrary file reading vulnerability and File Inclusion Vulnerability

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Recently, we received two security reports from Wuyun, pointing out that there are major security vulnerabilities in z-blogphp. After the development team confirmed that the vulnerability does exist, the patch has been released to the update server, please update as soon as possible!!

Strategy of cracking down on spam messages and references in new version 1.7

In the early stage of blog development, we have failed to use the spam code in blog 1.6, which is to say, the spam code has not been used in the blog, In 1.7 again made adjustments, these spam spams are not to get more outside the chain? We won't give you any, let you go to work in vain, use C_ Please refer to the following link: c_ What is the use of urlredirect.asp? c_ urlr...

Provide specific information services to specific you

In order to provide better service for Z-blog users, we have added "online dynamic information" column in the background homepage of Z-blog 1.7 under test. Online dynamic information is used to display specific "you" specific "dynamic information" that we notify. Our server only needs to use your zblog address to analyze and construct data information about you. We rely on these data and information to provide you with specific information services. For example, through this interface, we can timely inform you whether the system you are using is the most stable new version, and what kind of upgrade package should be downloaded, so that you can smoothly upgrade your system to the latest stable version. Avoid the trouble that you post on the forum. Through this interface, we can inform you in time what plug-ins are particularly good for you to use, or some plug-in update information. Through this interface, we can timely inform you who has made a particularly good-looking skin. We suggest you go and have a look. Through this interface, we can also provide you with a lot of humanized information. Please look forward to her wonderful content~ Of course, this service is absolutely fast, safe and reliable. In addition, it can not only get the data through Ajax in the background for 12 hours, but also can not affect the speed of data display only in the second time. In short, from the perspective of users, to develop a simple and generous blog system with powerful functions has been our unremitting pursuit. This service is a great leap forward in our function.

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