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Good luck in the Year of the Rabbit! The ZB server upgrade is complete! 🥰🐰😍

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The rabbit floats in the Jianghu, and gets angry when it's unhappy! I wish the Year of the Rabbit a prosperous and vigorous year!

The Year of the Tiger in 2022 🐯—— The official Z-Blog website has finally been revised! 👏🎉

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The official Z-Blog website has finally been revised!

Z-BlogPHP free experience function release 😸


Z-Blog cooperates with Tencent Cloud through Tencent Cloud's Open source application center   The one click enabled rapid deployment mode provided allows you to quickly complete the Z-BlogPHP site building.

It only takes three steps to quickly deploy the Z-BlogPHP blog in the Serverless architecture 👏


With the gradual improvement of the Serverless architecture and its features of saving money, speed and high concurrency, more and more enterprises choose to set up their own services on Serverless. In order for ZBP users to quickly turn their blog website into serverless, the Z-Blog team, together with Tencent Cloud, launched a new deployment mode of Z-BlogPHP based on the serverless architecture. Through the Z-BlogPHP component of the Serverless Framework, the Z-BlogPHP project can be quickly deployed on the serverless architecture in just three steps.

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