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ZB File Permission Security Setting Guide ⚔️

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In order to prevent ZBLOG from being hacked or system vulnerability websites from being breached, you can set the website permissions as follows, which can be operated in the file management of the pagoda panel.

Little sunspot is ready to move. Have you protected yourself? 🔧😈💪

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Recently, we received feedback from many users that trojan files appeared in the website directory. After checking through logs and other channels, we found that most of the passwords were too simple and were maliciously rotated, leading to the website being opened in the background and stored in trojan files. When we found this problem, we immediately took corresponding measures.

Z-BlogPHP 1.7.3 Finch official version is hot! 🤠🤖🐶


After more than a week of public beta, ZBP 1.7.3 will finally be officially released, so hurry to upgrade!

This version code is Finch. In Finch, Finch is one of the few surviving humans in a disastrous solar storm on the earth after the end of the world. After knowing that he was terminally ill, he created a robot protection love. I hope that Z-BlogPHP will also become such a presence and provide support for friends who still stick to the website!

Z-BlogPHP 1.7.3 Beta Release ️🧸

The Z-BlogPHP 1.7.3 beta, which supports PHP 8.2, has been released, and contains numerous updates and fixes. Please rest assured that we will update the public beta version, and we will release the official version of 1.7.3 within a month.


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