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Good luck in the year of the tiger in 2022 🐯—— The official website of Z-blog has been revised! 👏🎉

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The official website of Z-blog has been revised!

All ZB sites have been upgraded to php8 💪⚔️🦾

Ma Ma said that there is no need to water an article, so we upgraded php8, the application center upgrade is the most important.


It's a technical adjustment. Don't be afraid! 🥵

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Recently, our official website can not be opened. It is not that we have run away, but because we are filing again.

Z-blogphp wechat applet "zblog wxa" released, welcome to try~ 😍


The update of z-blogphp version 1.7 includes API functions, which makes it more convenient to develop clients through z-blogphp as the back-end. Following the release of @ orange sunshine's "os2020" spa theme, developer @ jaecheng developed a simple small program - "zbloghp wxa" based on ZBP's own API, which allows webmasters to quickly build simple wechat applets without the need to install additional plug-ins. It also gives an example to more developers who want to develop small programs by using the API feature. Let's have a look~

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