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All ZB sites have been upgraded to php8 💪⚔️🦾

Ma Ma said that there is no need to water an article, so we upgraded php8, the application center upgrade is the most important.

 PHP-8-interview-silva. jpg

It's a technical adjustment. Don't be afraid! 🥵

 QQ screenshot 20210826110129 jpg

Recently, our official website can not be opened. It is not that we have run away, but because we are filing again.

zblogcn. Com parsing switch ⚡⚡⚡

 dns. jpg

In order to provide better services to users at home and abroad, we recently switched from DNSPod to alicloud for DNS resolution. If any website can not resolve the problem, please contact us in time.

Announcement on security vulnerability of application center client 🦄

 bb936826ff51b8f9b338d98c8ebac83e. gif

Webmasters who did not update the application center plug-in in in February 2018, please update to the latest version of the application center immediately.

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