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Z-blogphp wechat applet "zblog wxa" released, welcome to try~ 😍


The update of z-blogphp version 1.7 includes API functions, which makes it more convenient to develop clients through z-blogphp as the back-end. After "sunshine API 2020", developers need to build a small app based on the theme of "sunshine app 2020", which is easy to use for developers who want to build a small app based on the theme of "sunshine app 2020". Let's have a look~

Finally, blogz-7.1 was released 👏

After two months of public testing, ZBP 1.7, a greatly changed version, was officially released~

This edition, codenamed "tenet", comes from a brain burning movie last year, meaning "creed.". It is true that ZBP adheres to his mission for 16 years, and it is true that ZBP adheres to the mission of polishing and developing for us for 16 years.

A new era is coming 🏄‍♂️🐂, Z-blogphp 1.7 public beta


After half a year's development, we finally launched the public test of z-blogphp 1.7 on the eve of the Spring Festival. This update is the biggest change in ZBP 1. X era, adding API functions and thumbnails, and replacing all background icons with vector icons. Welcome the webmaster to come to taste fresh!

Embrace php8, ZBP 1.6.6 is officially released! 🐀🐁🧃💧


PH8 has been released a lot more recently. In order to enable Z-blog PHP users to use php8 more quickly, we have made some adaptations, added some functions and made some repairs. Now, ZBP 1.6.6 has been officially released.

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