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Z-Blog account system upgrade

The Z-Blog series account system is now upgraded to a single user center account:


Upgrade Instructions

  1. The upgrade is based on the application center account. You can log in directly using the application center account. Seamless upgrade for old users.

  2. Users who have purchase records in the application center and have only purchased in one account with Alipay will be recorded as having passed the real name verification, and the email/mobile phone will also be regarded as login email.

  3. The forum account needs to be bound to the new user center account. If you forget your password but can use QQ login, you can also bind it. For special reasons, the forum will not open the new registration function temporarily.

  4. The QQ login of the forum is not common with the new user center and needs to be rebound.

What has been upgraded?

  1. We have unified the account system. Now, the application center and forum all use the same identity.

  2. The head portrait is unified.

  3. Security has been re planned. The two-step verification and single token system is open to all users.

  4. GitHub and QQ login are supported.

  5. Phone binding is supported.


  1. Upload your avatar.

  2. Forum avatar synchronization.

  3. Wiki account synchronization.

  4. Interface optimization.

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