Do you know how many villages there are in China?

You know how many provinces there are in China, but you certainly don't know how many villages there are in China. Now let me decrypt one by one.

I really don't know.

So I made one. New website
Let's look at the statistics.

As of July 2016, 34 provincial-level administrative regions, 4 municipalities, 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions and 2 special administrative regions have been included.

332 polar administrative divisions, 275 prefecture level cities, 22 regions, 30 autonomous prefectures, 5 allies.

There are 2860 county-level administrative divisions: 830 municipal districts, 381 county-level cities, 1478 counties, 116 autonomous counties, 49 flags, 3 Autonomous Banner, 2 special zones, 1 forest areas.

44822 township administrative divisions: 66 district offices, 20600 towns, 17196 townships, 282 hematoxylin, 1160 ethnic townships, 2 ethnic trees, and 5516 streets.

The above data do not contain data from Taiwan.

As of January 2018, 691510 villages (communities) have been included.

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  1.  Liang Xing Jian
    Liang Xing Jian Published in:

    Not necessarily accurate. Some areas are remote and should not be counted.

    •  Ji Chang Xin
      Ji Chang Xin Published in:

      It is impossible for field trips to collect data. A long way to go

  2.  Hu Jia Xiao Zi
    Hu Jia Xiao Zi Published in:

    I don't know where your website data comes from. It feels a bit old. We don't even have villages in rural areas. Where do we have villages before? We can see a little information about how well we have mountains and water when we are young, and you have unsafe scripts on this website. The browser told me the next Olympics.

    •  Ji Chang Xin
      Ji Chang Xin Published in:

      Collected by the National Bureau of statistics?

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