Achieve Twitter, Sina micro-blog automatic raffle raffle.

Congratulations to 1 users of Ji Chang Xin. Micro-blog official only lottery tool @ micro-blog lottery platform for the raffle supervision, the result is fair and effective. Notarization link: micro-blog draw platform

Recently, the micro-blog draw feels great.

Under the great inspiration of master, he made the lucky draw micro-blog of sina micro-blog and forwarded it automatically.

Using WebDriver in Selenium to simulate, log on to micro-blog and read the micro-blog information in MongoDB, and implement automatic forwarding.
- it can be expanded to multiuser forwarding to increase the probability of winning.

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Fabulous ( Sixteen )

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    Study and study.

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    Learning and learning

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    Learning and learning

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    Can you send me a copy? I also want to use it.

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    What a great look.

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    How do you do

    •  Ji Chang Xin
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      Big guy early

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    What a great guy! Gather and watch

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    Good article! Support it!

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    It turned out that it was so hard for me to win the prize.

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      No, no, no, no, big guy is luck.

  14.  Psy
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    It's a sync tool, right?

    •  Ji Chang Xin
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      Which introduction can I explain that TA is a synchronous tool.

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    What is good is good.
    Automatically forwarding Abstract scenes is very practical for marketing.

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