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Own Choice Just add the right place, such as the bottom of the article.
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Chestnut address
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Ps: Ji Long letter API Https:// still provide News classification ( Headlines Military / entertainment / sports / science and technology / Art Education / important news) data Interface
video Classification (quality video / funny video / Beauty Video / sports video / news scene Interface
picture (Cosplay) interface, petal album interface
Duan Zi Joke interface weather Prediction interface
IT information Front end Development daily , Zhi Yu daily, etc.
Bing Daily Photo Wallpaper
QR code On-line generate (phpqrcode)
ARU ( Aru ) Expression Bag [ author To grant authorization ]
Built in animation two dimensional beauty wallpaper random Beautiful, pet pictures, random animated pictures, random pillow, cartoon pictures, two dimensional pictures, IP pictures
All kinds of beautiful pictures, the foundation of fine arts. Game Original painting settings, illustrations, comics, animation Modeling settings, animation Study Course Animation course, picture album, picture album, UI, scene 3D Model Source material Three Yuan art model pictures, two loli, Meng diagram welfare, lovely girl wallpaper, C G Resources Material, etc. function Oh

Fabulous ( Thirteen )

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