General grammar 2


  • INT_ VALUE : matches an integer type constant, such as one hundred and twenty-three
  • DECIMAL_ VALUE : matches fixed-point type constants, such as one hundred and twenty-three point four five six
  • STR_ VALUE Match: a string, such as a constant abc
  • NULL : matches a null constant.
  • STORAGE_ SIZE : matches the storage length constant. The default unit of integer is byte. The unit of string can be specified as m or G, such as one thousand and twenty-four or '500M'

character set

 charset: default_ charset | column_ charset default_ charset: [DEFAULT] {CHARSET | CHARACTER SET} [=] {UTF8 | UTF8MB4 | BINARY} column_ charset: {CHARSET | CHARACTER SET} {UTF8 | UTF8MB4 | BINARY}


 collate: default_ collate | column_ collate default_ collate: [DEFAULT] COLLATE [=] {UTF8MB4_GENERAL_CI | UTF8MB4_BIN | BINARY} column_ collate: COLLATE {UTF8MB4_GENERAL_CI | UTF8MB4_BIN | BINARY}

data type

 data_ type: TINYINT[(precision)] [UNSIGNED] [ZEROFILL]  | SMALLINT[(precision)] [UNSIGNED] [ZEROFILL]  | MEDIUMINT[(precision)] [UNSIGNED] [ZEROFILL]  | INT[(precision)] [UNSIGNED] [ZEROFILL]  | INTEGER[(precision)] [UNSIGNED] [ZEROFILL]  | BIGINT[(precision)] [UNSIGNED] [ZEROFILL]  | FLOAT[(precision, scale)] [UNSIGNED] [ZEROFILL]  | DOUBLE[(precision, scale)] [UNSIGNED] [ZEROFILL]  | DECIMAL[(precision [, scale])] [UNSIGNED] [ZEROFILL]  | NUMERIC[(precision [, scale])] [UNSIGNED] [ZEROFILL]  | DATETIME[(scale)]  | TIMESTAMP[(scale)]  | DATE | TIME[(scale)]  | YEAR | VARCHAR(length) column_ charset column_ collate | VARBINARY(length) | CHAR[(length)] column_ charset column_ collate | BINARY[(length)] | TINYTEXT column_ charset column_ collate | TINYLOB | TEXT[(length)] column_ charset column_ collate | BLOB[(length)] | MEDIUMTEXT column_ charset column_ collate | MEDIUMBLOB | LONGTEXT column_ charset column_ collate | LONGBLOB precision | scale | length: INT_ VALUE

SQL properties

  • Object name
 tenant_ name | pool_ name | unit_ name | zone_ name | region_ name: STR_ VALUE database_ name | table_ name | table_ alias_ name | column_ name| column_ alias_ name  | partition_ name | subpartition_ name: STR_ VALUE index_ name | view_ name | object_ name | constraint_ name | tablegroup_ name: STR_ VALUE outline_ name | user_ name: STR_ VALUE table_ factor: [[database_name].]  table_ name column_ factor: [table_factor.] column_ name
  • expression
 expression: const_ value | column_ factor | operator_ expression | function_ expression
  • notes
 comment : COMMENT  'comment_ text' comment_ text: STR_ VALUE

Distributed properties

  • PRIMARY_ ZONE : Specifies the primary replica distribution policy for the data.
 primary_ zone: PRIMARY_ ZONE [=] zone_ name
  • ZONE_ LIST : Specifies the resource distribution policy for the tenant.
 zone_ list: ZONE_ LIST [=] (zone_name [, zone_name ...])
  • REPLICA_ NUM : Specifies the number of copies of the data.
 replica_ num: REPLICA_ NUM [=] INT_ VALUE
  • TABLEGROUP : Specifies the primary replica distribution policy for multiple copies of data.
 tablegroup: default_ tablegroup | table_ tablegroup default_ tablegroup: DEFAULT TABLEGROUP [=] {tablegroup_name | NULL} table_ tablegroup: TABLEGROUP [=] {tablegroup_name | NULL}

Storage properties

  • BLOCK_ SIZE : Specifies the chunk length of the object store.
 block_ size: BLOCK_ SIZE [=] INT_ VALUE
  • COMPRESSION : Specifies the compression algorithm for the object store.
 compression: COMPRESSION [=] {NONE | LZ4_1.0 | LZ0_1.0 | SNAPPY_1.0 | ZLIB_1.0}
  • PCTFREE : Specifies the percentage of macro block reserve for object storage.
 pctfree: PCTFREE [=] INT_ VALUE
  • TABLET_ SIZE : Specifies the minimum fragmentation of a single task in parallel merge.
 tablet_ size: TABLET_ SIZE [=] INT_ VALUE
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