Universal grammar summary


  • INT_VALUE Matching type integer constants, such as: One hundred and twenty-three .
  • DECIMAL_VALUE Matching: fixed type constant, such as One hundred and twenty-three point four five six .
  • STR_VALUE Matching string constants, such as: ABC .
  • NULL Matching: NULL constant.
  • STORAGE_SIZE Storage: matching length integer constants, the default unit for byte string can be specified in M or G, such as One thousand and twenty-four or '500M' .

character set

Sort rules

data type

The SQL property

  • Object name

  • Expression

  • Notes

Distributed attribute

  • PRIMARY_ZONE : specify the master copy of data distribution strategy.

  • ZONE_LIST The specified resource distribution strategy: tenants.

  • REPLICA_NUM The specified number of copies of data.

  • TABLEGROUP Specify multiple copies of master copy of the data distribution strategy.

The storage property

  • BLOCK_SIZE Micro block length of the specified object storage.

  • COMPRESSION The specified object storage: compression algorithm.

  • PCTFREE Macroblock: Specifies the object storage reservation percentage.

  • TABLET_SIZE Minimum slice parallel merge tasks specified.

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