Wait two thousand days, I will write another day.

Today, Sunday is time to think and perfect.

Introduce oneself to

Ji Chang Xin After 15, it is three and a half years old.

You can call me. Little Ji Ji

Originate from " Sword spirit nine "It's not Dionysus. In 2013, I want to change nicknames and let my classmates help me. Then he was reading the novel and pointed out the name, which was exactly what I wanted and a glance. Use now

I used to use Yin, red sleeves, weak water three thousand, weak water.

This blog

2012-2013 use hi789.cn
ASP program
2013-2015 early Colin self-help Station and so on. Use free domain name laba.tk, redy.tk, etc., hosted in three egg free space (000webhost), by, etc. The emlog program, the airy navigation program (the two revision) took two or three years to calculate.

2015 - to date: registered isoyu.com and 25 yuan in wapzz to find the case of bigwigs, and now it has been two or three years since then.

Mixing water


Well, these are selected after the book signing, mainly based on community forums.

And of course, mine. Friend chain Big guys

I have a chef dream.


My laboratory



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  1.  KK
    KK Published in:

    Can you share your topic source code?

  2.  MonoLogueChi
    MonoLogueChi Published in:

    Remind you, the certificate has been suspended.

    •  Ji Chang Xin
      Ji Chang Xin Published in:

      Thank you.

  3.  Beyond
    Beyond Published in:

    Happy new year, good theme. I have switched to Typecho recently.

  4.  Two or three trips away
    Two or three trips away Published in:

    Hello, Xiao Ji Ji, is this not a coincidence? Isn't it? I am also the first person to cook, and the second is programming.

    •  Ji Chang Xin
      Ji Chang Xin Published in:

      Programmer universal phenomenon

  5.  Persilee
    Persilee Published in:

    Little Ji Ji little friend, the three thousand weak water is you, many standing to see this name.

    •  Ji Chang Xin
      Ji Chang Xin Published in:

      Big guy early

    •  Ji Chang Xin
      Ji Chang Xin Published in:

      Need Unicom users? No Unicom numbers.

      •  Chinese style
        Chinese style Published in:

        Can be registered, but it seems that cell phone registration has the function of SMS prompts, you can use Ali trumpet, is Unicom number.

      •  Ji Chang Xin
        Ji Chang Xin Published in:

        It should be troublesome to retrieve passwords and so on.

  6.  Bestiality
    Bestiality Published in:

    I feel good now. It's just my personal feeling. Will it affect others?

    •  Ji Chang Xin
      Ji Chang Xin Published in:

      I look comfortable now.

  7.  Bestiality
    Bestiality Published in:

    Feel that the word is too small for the website to be enlarged, or else it will be difficult.

    •  Ji Chang Xin
      Ji Chang Xin Published in:

      Thank you for your advice. Original 12px, how do you feel about 16px now?

    •  Ji Chang Xin
      Ji Chang Xin Published in:

      Transfer to 14px

  8.  Beyond
    Beyond Published in:

    I go to this mixed water experience.

    •  Ji Chang Xin
      Ji Chang Xin Published in:

      Explain water Na.

  9.  Yi Gu Jing
    Yi Gu Jing Published in:

    Blogger, Hello, boke112 navigation special to call, has included your site to blog navigation and blog directory comprehensive information class, thank you for your support!

    •  Ji Chang Xin
      Ji Chang Xin Published in:

      Well, thank you




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