Such as 2000 memorial day for me to write

Today is Saturday time thought to improve.

Introduce oneself to

Jichangxin This year, 15, three and a half years old

You can also call me Small Ji Ji

Originate from " Nine and the sword of the spirit "Not Dionysus Na, in 2013 to change the nickname, let the students want to help. Then he is reading the novel that this name is what I want, like a glance. Use now

Once in the nether world, tea, water three thousand, water.

This blog

2012-2013 using hi789.cn
ASP program
2013 - 2015 is the early Colin self-help Station etc.. Use the free domain name laba.tk, redy.tk, etc., in the custody of 3 egg free space (000webhost), by. Emlog program, Elliot navigation program (two revision) for two or three years, is a relatively long.

2015 - present: registered isoyu.com and 25 yuan for the preparation of heavyweights in the wapzz case, it has two or three years immediately went to the aesthetic fatigue



The book is well signed after the screening to the community forum.

Of course my Friends of the chain Bigwigs

I have a dream.


My lab



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      Jichangxin Released:

      Thank you.

  1.  Beyond
    Beyond Released:

    Happy new year, good. I recently theme to Typecho.

  2.  One to two or three.
    One to two or three. Released:

    Small Ji Ji (w / * * / Hello classmates), which unfortunately did not it? I also learned the first is cooking, 2 is the programming skills (escape.

    •  Jichangxin
      Jichangxin Released:

      The programmer common phenomenon

  3.  Persilee
    Persilee Released:

    Small children, Ji Ji (at ~ ~) with the original water three thousand is you, a lot of station to see the name.

    •  Jichangxin
      Jichangxin Released:

      Early chiefs

    •  Jichangxin
      Jichangxin Released:

      Need not number Unicom Unicom users?

      •  An China wind
        An China wind Released:

        Can be registered, but it seems to have registered mobile phone message prompt function, you can use Ali trumpet ah, is China Unicom number

      •  Jichangxin
        Jichangxin Released:

        To retrieve the password and so on should be in trouble.

  4.  Large animal hair
    Large animal hair Released:

    I feel good now, but I personally feel that this adjustment will not affect the others you

    •  Jichangxin
      Jichangxin Released:

      I looked at the now comfortable

  5.  Large animal hair
    Large animal hair Released:

    The website feels the word is too small, can transfer a large number, or too difficult

    •  Jichangxin
      Jichangxin Released:

      Thank you for your advice, 12px, how 16px feeling now?

    •  Jichangxin
      Jichangxin Released:

      To 14px

  6.  Beyond
    Beyond Released:

    I go to the water, good or strong extensive experiences.

    •  Jichangxin
      Jichangxin Released:

      The water.

  7.  The ancient Yi
    The ancient Yi Released:

    Blogger, Hello, boke112 navigation has been paid to special, expensive station included in the integrated navigation and Information blog blog directory, thank you for your support!

    •  Jichangxin
      Jichangxin Released:

      Well, thank you




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