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Please recommend a mobile phone and the one I used in those years

  1. The first Nokia 5230

It's a shame, Saipan era
Running memory more than 90 MB

Nokia rolled over

  1. Have fun

Android 4.4 system
Remember when I first bought my phone with my Nokia 5230
I'm surprised to see that Android phones have 4G internal storage space
It's much better than my Nokia 90MB
(the main Nokia 2G 10KB network speed does not have WiFi function)
Later, I learned that a daily cool run is more than 80 MB Ծ‸Ծ

Happy to roll over

  1. Cool school God F2

Android 5 or 4 is not clear
Students bought a play is good, at that time want to buy millet to, the same table is used
Later, I didn't know what heat my brain got, so I bought cool pie God F2
After buying, I feel gray often good
4G Era
There is no flow of support, reading countless pieces
Ha ha ha ha
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Happy, horseshoe disease, a day to see all Chang'an flowers.

Cool pie rolled over

  1. LETV 2 & Lenovo zuk2

The student union work reason double card is not enough, has made two
4G storage is very cool

Then LETV & Zuk rolled over

Which mobile phone do you recommend for me next
PS: the above parameter configuration is only read memory, no document reference, this article is purely entertainment.
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    tourist Published on:  

    Apple, guess if it will fall

    •  Ji Changxin
      Ji Changxin Published on:  

      Poverty limits me

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    Magic blue E3, just can't get it, ha ha.

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      Ha ha, I haven't bought magic blue yet. Do you want to start one



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