I want to recommend a cell phone and those I have used for years.

  1. The first NOKIA 5230

Very much, Saipan Era
Run memory more than 90 MB

NOKIA rolled over.

  1. Happy spot

Android 4.4 system
Remember when you just bought your cell phone and hold my NOKIA 5230.
See Android mobile phones are 4G internal storage space is very surprised.
It's much better than my NOKIA 90MB.
(main NOKIA 2G 10KB network speed has not yet WIFI function)
Later I learned that a cool running day is more than 80 MB.

Happy spot overturned.

  1. Cool God F2

Android 5 or 4 is not too clear.
Students bought a good play, when they wanted to buy millet, deskmate is used.
Later, I didn't know what heat my brain had, and bought the cool God F2.
It feels good after buying.
The age of 4G
There is no support for streaming.
Ha ha ha ha
The horse's hoof is so proud that we can see the flowers of Changan one day.

Cool rolled over.

  1. Music as 2& Lenovo zuk2

The reason for the student union's work is that two cards are not enough.
4G is in good condition.

Then music watched &zuk turn over.

Which mobile phone do I recommend next?
More than ps: parameters configuration and so on only read memory, no document reference, this article is purely entertainment.
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Fabulous ( Seven )

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      Poverty limits me.

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    Charm Blue E3, is not to grab, ha ha.

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      Ha ha, I haven't bought the magic blue yet. Would you like to start with it?

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