Baidu algorithm update, Baidu official announcement on 6.28 K station event

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The most unforgettable event for webmasters in June was the update of Baidu algorithm. The massive K station event brought about by the system upgrade, commonly known as the "6.28 event", in which seven or eight websites I operated were also the "victims" of Baidu algorithm update. Therefore, I have been looking forward to Baidu's official clarification, Yesterday, Lee of Baidu published a post in Baidu webmaster community, "Measures for low-quality sites have taken effect", announcing the update of K station event.

 Baidu algorithm update, Baidu official announcement on 6.28 K station event

At present, some webmasters are still in the optimistic camp. They think that the K station event is just Baidu's routine to upgrade the system and update the algorithm. But from the official announcement of Baidu, it is a real move to provide high-quality results for Internet users. Therefore, it is suggested that webmasters who are still waiting for Baidu to automatically restore their inclusion should quickly and conscientiously do a station and create high-quality content, At present, I have begun to make efforts for the recovery of blog bar inclusion and ranking.

What should we do at this stage?

I have only one way to do it: try to create every article in the future and create high-quality content, not only for the sake of traffic, but also for lack!

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