Baidu webmaster Club Lee reply to confirm that the pure text URL will be crawled by spiders

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I think the plain text URL outside the chain should be useful, and I have been sending the plain text URL, but I dare not confirm it. Because there are so many cloud opinions in this respect, we can't find the official affirmative statement of Baidu. As time goes by, I have doubts again. Today, I searched for "plain text URL link" again and found Lee's reply in Baidu webmaster club, Make sure the spider grabs the plain text URL.

Baidu Club Lee's reply is as follows:

1. Text link URL address, Baidu will find that it is a URL address, and through this address to the corresponding URL address to grab

2. The only criterion for us to judge whether a link should pass weight is: whether the link is really recommended by users or other websites, and whether the recommendation is valuable to users.

PS: Get this confirmation of the reply, after the pure text chain will not feel that it is a waste of time and hesitation, but even so, send the chain or pay attention to quality, to the user value, because this is the only Baidu link should pass weight judgment criteria.