Baidu updated the title and description of the website in only two days

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On the 17th of this month, I modified the title, description and separator of the home page to save the blog. As we all know, although modifying the title of the website is not a major event, it is not a small matter for SEO optimization, because it will cause this adverse effect to the website more or less, such as being reduced by Baidu search engine at least, and being punished by K station in a heavy way. But what makes me excited is the blog bar. After modifying the title and description, Baidu will update the snapshot two days later.

Select when to modify the title and description

In the past, I chose Baidu to update the title tag and description tag of the website every week. This is out of the consideration of not affecting Baidu's updating of the website this time. Therefore, Baidu will update the new title only after one week to two weeks after each modification of the title. This modification is on Thursday, is facing Baidu update, originally planned to wait for the update after the revision, but a brain impulse immediately changed.

What I haven't thought of is that the modification will not affect Baidu's update to the blog bar, but also let the blog bar recover as soon as possible, and keep the status of rapid collection. The following figure shows that the included articles were published on the 18th, and they were included on the same day, and the snapshot kept on May 18th.

Keep the blog updated and out of the chain

After modifying the title, I will keep the blog content updated and regularly increase the website chain. So I modify the title of the home page of the blog. In the past two days, I insist on updating a piece of content every day, and then submit an article that has been included by Baidu to the home of Chinaz webmaster, or the forum with high weight, such as the spider area of the webmaster's home (you don't have the choice to invest in Chinaz webmaster's home), A5's soft text area or ad area, and the attraction spider area of seowhy forum. In addition, I did not add crazy outside the chain, just published in these places.

After searching for articles that can avoid being punished after changing the website title, it can be found that most SEOers will recommend to keep high-quality content updated and increase the external chain regularly. I believe this is reasonable.

Keyword ranking back

Baidu to my new title and description of the update, immediately I long lost two key words ranking to the second page, although not familiar with the first page, but this is a good start, I believe there will be better ranking and more traffic.

Although the current situation is developing well, there is no guarantee that it will be a bright future. We still have to see the performance in the next few days. I hope everything will develop smoothly!