Inadvertently added sitemap to Baidu's dead link tool

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Just went to Baidu webmaster platform for research, The example of finding the dead link tool of webmaster tool to fill in data is "Sitemap.txt and sitemap.xml. It is estimated that many people's first reaction when they see these two terms is to refer to the sitemap website map, and to see that the sitemap.xml of the blog bar has also been submitted to. Then I immediately submitted the sitemap.xml of the new site to the dead link tool, and I also updated the data in the dead link tool of the blog bar by the way.

Suddenly, I had a question. What should sitemap.xml submit is a valid link? I saw the prompt of Baidu platform again

If you submit dead link data, you need to do the following to successfully remove it from Baidu search results:

1. The submitted link page must be set to 404 to ensure fast and accurate deletion of dead link data

As if I understood, Baidu quickly searched for "What Baidu Dead Chain Tool provides is dead chain?", and was surprised. What the dead chain tool submitted was not the sitemap.xml map file, but the dead chain address of the website. At the same time, I found that many webmasters and I did the same thing.

Baidu's "dead link tool" is mainly used to deal with obsolete, deleted or invalid web links.

More sadly, Baidu official said that the production method of the dead link file is consistent with the sitemap format and production method!

So, when I submit sitemap.xml to Baidu, I will automatically say to Baidu that all the links on my website are dead links, please delete them for me! Although it is said that submitting dead link data needs to set the submitted link page to 404, Baidu may delete the data on my normal page as dead link on a whim. Perhaps, the reason why the blog bar has been zeroed in is not that there is something wrong with my website, but that I foolishly cannot distinguish between the sitemap submission and the dead link tool, although this is not likely. Baidu Spider can come to blog every day, but it is still not included in the blog.