The distress of new stationmaster: what kind of website should you make?

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I have also registered many domain names, some expired without renewal, some are still idle. Before looking at their own registered domain name, there will always be a little bit upset and impatient, because they can't think of what kind of website to do with it. The rapid development of the Internet today, what content of the website has, and one or two of the outstanding, their own involvement in which, how to stand out from the rest of the advantages?! So often in the face of new registered domain name at a loss.

In Baidu search "do what website is good", there is no answer in the search results, there are only more "what website to do", "what website to do well", "what content does the website do well"

In fact, we all know what website content to do well. Of course, it is the content type that many people need, and there is little or no content on the Internet at present, which we all know. But can we do this kind of website by ourselves now? The answer is 99% no and 1% yes, of which 1% is that I can't completely deny that there will be more innovative website content types, because there is indeed innovation in the Internet, but the probability of such innovation is estimated to be not even 1%. Just look at the number of websites with innovative content appearing on the Internet every year.

So since it is difficult to innovate, why not take a step back, such as making suitable website content. What is fit? Some people need is suitable; What is suitable for? It's for you. For example, the main content of blog bar is to share the use skills of popular blog programs such as WordPress and Z-blog. As the most popular blog system at home and abroad, there are so many users who are novice. New users will use it, but they will not necessarily learn it. The task of blog bar is to meet their needs, collect and share these skills.

How many websites share WordPress and Z-blog skills? More! Baidu Google a basket of search, and one of the excellent and well-known related sites in. So why am I involved? As I said before, it suits you!

I have been using Z-blog and WordPress for almost two years. I have learned a lot about the use of them. Therefore, I can give a brief introduction to the various skills developed by experts. A good introduction can help novices learn better. But if I don't know how to use them and how to use them, how can I start my introduction? Copy paste? This is meaningless and difficult to develop.

So there is a problem involved here: don't blindly do what you don't understand. How can a layman do the work of an insider? How to meet the needs of users? Just like a person who doesn't know computer is talking about computer skills; People who don't know what SEO is are talking about SEO technology, just like fooling around. Of course, just want to collect the content of other websites to achieve the purpose of updating the website, it is another matter.

The above is nonsense, said so much, I just want to express their own point of view: do users need, suitable for their own website content. When thinking about what kind of website to do, don't think about "what website to do well", but think "what website can be done well". We should not try our best to think about what we don't know and can't understand. It is wise to use our brains in the direction that we will be good at.

Well, I wish you can do a good website.