The agony of the new webmaster: what content website should be built?

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I have also registered many domain names, some of which have expired without renewal, and some are still idle. In the past, when looking at the domain name registered by myself, I always felt a little upset and impatient because I couldn't figure out what kind of website to use it as. Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, there are websites with all kinds of content, and more than one or two of them are excellent. If you are involved in them, how can you stand out?! Therefore, they are often confused with newly registered domain names.

Search Baidu for "what website to do well", and there is no answer in the search results, but more "what website to do well", "what website to do well", "what content to do well"

In fact, we all know what website content is good. Of course, it is the type of content that many people need, and there is little or no content on the Internet at present, which everyone knows, but does this kind of website have to do by itself now? The answer is 99% negative and 1% positive, of which 1% is that I cannot completely deny that there will be more innovative website content types, because the Internet does have innovation, but it is estimated that the probability of such innovation is not even 1%. It is clear to see how many websites with innovative content appear in the Internet every year.

So since it is difficult to innovate, why not take a step back and consider, for example, making suitable website content. What is fit? Someone needs is suitable; For what? Suitable for yourself. For example, the main content of the blog bar is to share the use skills of popular blog programs such as WordPress and Z-Blog. As the most popular blog system at home and abroad, it is used by many people. There are so many new users, and new users must use it, but they will not necessarily learn it. The task of the blog bar is to meet their needs, collect and share these skills.

Are there many websites sharing WordPress and Z-Blog skills? Many! Baidu Google searched a large number of sites, and there are many excellent and famous related sites. Then why am I involved? As I said before, it suits you!

I have been using Z-Blog and WordPress for almost two years, and have learned a lot about their use. Therefore, to a large extent, I can give a simple and clear introduction to various use techniques developed by experts. A good introduction can help novices learn better. If I don't understand their use and skills at all, where can I start my introduction? Copy Paste? This is meaningless and difficult to develop.

So here also involves a problem: don't blindly do what you don't understand. How can an amateur do the work of an expert? How to meet the needs of users? It's like a person who doesn't understand computers talking about computer skills; People who don't know what SEO is talking about SEO technology are just fooling around. Of course, it is another matter to just collect the content of other websites to update the website.

The above is nonsense. With all this talk, I just want to express my own point of view: to be a user with needs and suitable website content. When thinking about what website to do, don't think about "what website to do well", but think about "what website to do well". Don't sweat your brains to think about what you don't know or don't know. It's wise to think about what you are good at.

Well, I wish you all a good website.