Baidu algorithm update, baidu official announcement on 6.28 K station event

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In June, the most unforgettable event for webmasters is Baidu algorithm update and system upgrade, which brings about large-scale K station event, commonly known as "6.28 event". In the big event, seven or eight websites operated by me have all become the "victims" of Baidu algorithm update. Therefore, I have been looking forward to the clarification from Baidu officials, Yesterday, Baidu's Lee in Baidu webmaster community published the "measures for low-quality sites have come into effect" post, announcing the update of the K station event.

Now some webmasters are still in the camp of optimists. They think that the K station incident is just a routine business of Baidu to upgrade the system and update the algorithm. However, it can be seen from the official announcement of Baidu that providing high-quality results for netizens is dynamic. Therefore, it is suggested that the webmasters who are still waiting for Baidu to automatically recover the included content should quickly do the station and create high-quality content, At present, I have begun to blog bar included and the recovery of the ranking began to make efforts.

What should we do at this stage?

My approach is only one: strive to create a good future of each article, create high-quality content, not only for the flow and update, rather lack of abuse!