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Haoyou Cloud Service Agreement

In order to make better use of Youyun Service (hereinafter referred to as "the Service"), you should read and abide by the Haoyou Cloud Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "the Agreement") and other relevant agreements and rules.
1. General
1.1 Haoyou Cloud Service (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") is a valid contract signed by Xuchang Haoyou Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") and Haoyou Cloud users, which is binding on both parties. This agreement is signed by you and our company. Before you register as a user of Haoyou Cloud, you must carefully read and fully understand the terms; Once you choose "Agree" and complete the registration, it means that you have fully read, understood and accepted all the contents of this agreement, which means that you agree to comply with all the provisions of this agreement.
1.2 Haoyou Cloud provides users with the products and services displayed on this website (hereinafter referred to as "Haoyou Cloud Service" and "this service"), and will constantly update the service content. The latest Haoyou Cloud service is subject to the display of relevant server products and services on the Haoyou Cloud website and the actual provision to users.
2. Haoyou Cloud Account
2.1 Before using the service, you must first register and obtain the Haoyou Cloud member account provided by the company's platform. When completing the registration or activation process, you must agree and guarantee that:
2.1.1 The user information you filled in is true, accurate, complete and timely, and you can ensure that Haoyouyun can contact you through the contact information you filled in.
2.1.2 You should provide the corresponding identity certificate and other information in a timely manner according to the requirements of the corresponding service regulations of Haoyou Cloud, otherwise Haoyou Cloud has the right to refuse to provide you with relevant services.
2.1.3 If the data or information you provide contains incorrect and false information, Haoyouyun will have the right to send you a notice of inquiry or request correction and reserve the right to cancel your membership and end providing services for you at any time. Haoyouyun will not be responsible for this, and you will bear any direct or indirect losses and adverse consequences arising therefrom.
2.1.4 You should be responsible for your Haoyou Cloud member account. Only you can use your Haoyou Cloud member account. This account is unique and cannot be transferred, donated or inherited. If the server data, password, password and other information is lost or leaked due to your own reasons, Haoyou Cloud does not have to bear any responsibility for this, and you will bear any direct or indirect losses and adverse consequences arising therefrom.
2.2 You must be responsible for keeping your Haoyou Cloud account and password confidential, and be responsible for all your activities under the login name and password (including but not limited to information disclosure, information release, online click to agree or submit various rules and agreements, online renewal agreements, push servers or new purchases). You agree that:
2.2.1 If you find that anyone uses your Haoyou Cloud account and password without authorization, or violates any other confidentiality provisions, you will immediately notify Haoyou Cloud and authorize Haoyou Cloud to synchronize this information to the Haoyou Cloud website.
2.2.2 Please ensure that you exit from Haoyou Cloud Platform with correct steps at the end of each login to Haoyou Cloud Platform. Our company cannot and will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by your failure to comply with this clause.
2.2.3 If the information you provide is incomplete, false, etc., which causes Haoyou Cloud to be unable to verify your true identity correctly or determine your needs correctly, and Haoyou Cloud is unable to deal with your needs in a timely manner, you should bear the losses caused to you. At the same time, you understand that Youyun needs a reasonable period of time to take measures against your request. Youyun will not bear any responsibility for the losses caused to you due to the actions of others before you notify Youyun and Youyun takes measures according to your effective notice.
2.2.4 Haoyouyun will only be liable to you for losses caused by its fault. The liability is subject to the amount of the specific business between the two parties
3. Code of Practice for Platform Services
In order to effectively protect your legitimate rights and interests in using the platform services, you understand and agree to accept the following rules:
3.1 The instructions you send to Haoyouyun through the following ways, including but not limited to, shall be deemed as your own instructions, which cannot be withdrawn or revoked, and you shall be responsible for any result of Haoyouyun's execution of the above instructions.
3.1.1 All operations through your Haoyou Cloud account and password (including but not limited to reinstalling the system, server restart, server push, new purchase of server, account withdrawal, invoice application, contract application, etc.);
3.1.2 All the information sent to Haoyouyun through the mobile phone number or email tied to your account;
3.2 After you purchase the service, it can only be used by yourself, and you shall not directly or indirectly provide part or all of the service to others for use, whether paid or free, in any form of transfer, sale, lease, cooperation, etc.
3.3 You shall take reasonable and safe technical measures to ensure the security of all kinds of data and other information stored in Haoyou Cloud Server due to the use of this service, and bear full responsibility for the results caused by your own actions (including but not limited to installing software, taking encryption measures or other security measures).
3.4 You understand and agree that the Company unilaterally modifies the relevant rules of the service without obtaining your consent. The service rules shall be subject to the prompts on the page when you use the service. Your consent and compliance with the service rules is the prerequisite for your use of the service.
3.5 When you use this service, our company has the right to charge you service fees according to the corresponding service charge introduction, order or relevant agreement. The Company has the right to formulate and adjust the service charges. The specific service charges shall be subject to the notice of charging methods listed on the website when you use the service or other written agreements between you and the Company.
3.6 Haoyouyun may notify you of the service progress and prompt you to proceed with the next step by SMS or email (or phone or QQ, etc.), but Haoyouyun does not guarantee that you can receive or timely receive the SMS or email (or phone or QQ information, etc.), and will not bear any consequences for this. Therefore, during the service process, you should log in to the Haoyou Cloud website in time to view and conduct transaction operations. Haoyouyun will not be responsible for any dispute or loss caused by your failure to timely check and modify or confirm the service status or submit relevant applications.
4. Rights and obligations of users
4.1 You have the right to enjoy the Internet technology and information services provided by Haoyou Cloud, and have the right to receive technical support, consultation and other services from Haoyou Cloud when accepting the services provided by Haoyou Cloud. See the relevant product introduction on this website for details of the service.
4.2 You guarantee that you will not use technology or other means to damage or disrupt this website and the websites of other customers of Haoyou Cloud.
4.3 You should respect the intellectual property rights and other legal rights of Haoyou Cloud and other third parties, and ensure that you will try your best to protect Youyun and its shareholders, employees, partners, etc. from being affected or lost by such events in case of violations of the above rights and interests; Haoyouyun reserves the right to stop providing services to you and not refund any money when you infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of Haoyouyun.
4.4 You shall be responsible for all the consequences caused by the wrong contact information you provided to Haoyouyun and the poor security and stability of your email address used to receive Haoyouyun's email, including but not limited to the consequences and losses caused by your failure to receive the relevant notice from Haoyouyun in time.
4.5 You guarantee that:
4.5.1 When you use Haoyou Cloud products or services, you will comply with national and local laws and regulations, industry practices and social public ethics, and will not use the services provided by Haoyou Cloud to store, publish and disseminate the following information and content: Any content (information) that violates national laws, regulations and policies; Political propaganda or news information in violation of national regulations; Information involving state secrets or security; Feudal superstition or obscene, pornographic, indecent information or information abetting crime; Lottery and gambling games; Information that violates national ethnic and religious policies; Information that hinders the security of Internet operation; Information that infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of others or other information or content that is detrimental to social order, public security and public morality; You also promise not to provide any convenience for others to publish the above information content that does not comply with national regulations or the terms of service, including but not limited to setting URL, BANNER link, etc; Do not occupy a large amount of Haoyou Cloud computing resources (including but not limited to Internet mining, traffic brushing, private servers, etc.), and bring serious and unreasonable impacts to the network, server systems, applications, etc. of Haoyou Cloud Platform or other users of Haoyou Cloud, resulting in the server jamming of products and services of Haoyou Cloud Platform or other users of Haoyou Cloud The machine crashes or the user's applications based on the cloud platform are inaccessible; You acknowledge that Haoyouyun has the right to terminate the provision of services to you and not return any money when you violate the above agreement. If you cause losses to Haoyouyun due to your above behaviors, you should compensate. You guarantee that you will not commit any act of abusing Haoyou Cloud resources, including but not limited to any act related to hacker attacks, virtual currency mining, grid computing, flash buying, etc. Once found, the account will be banned and the account balance will not be returned. You guarantee that you will not open the website to the public without the ICP filing of Haoyou Cloud. You guarantee that the mobile phone number, email address and QQ used during registration are valid for a long time. Once you find that the mobile phone number has expired and has not been modified after notification, it will be regarded as an invalid user, and the account will be banned, and the account balance will not be returned. You guarantee that your business will not suffer from large-scale DDoS attacks. You acknowledge that Haoyou Cloud has the right to unbind the resource public IP address, or even freeze the account and terminate the service provided to you when you are attacked.
4.5.2. When using Haoyou Cloud products or services, you should abide by the service terms you signed with Haoyou Cloud https://www.haoyouyun.com The management specifications, processes, service descriptions, price descriptions on the relevant pages and the contents of the order page you have confirmed and agreed to, including but not limited to: You should pay or renew the fee on time. If you fail to renew the fee in time as required, you should be responsible for the loss caused by it; There shall be no behaviors that damage or attempt to damage network security; If you violate the above guarantee, Haoyouyun has the right to take measures to delete information, suspend service and terminate service according to the relevant service terms, and has the right to limit some or all functions of your account, such as newly purchased products or services, renewal, etc. If you cause losses to Haoyouyun due to the above actions, you should compensate.
4.6 If a service you use includes downloadable Haoyou Cloud software, Haoyou Cloud only grants you a non exclusive, non transferable, and non commercial personal use license. Unless otherwise expressly stated by Haoyou Cloud or agreed with you, you shall not copy, modify, release, sell or rent the service or any part of the software contained, nor reverse engineer or attempt to extract the source code of the software.
5. Rights and obligations of Haoyouyun
5.1 Haoyou Cloud should provide you with qualified network technology and information services according to the service you choose and the payment.
5.2 Haoyou Cloud promises to take external confidentiality measures for your data, not disclose your data to a third party, and not authorize a third party to use your data unless:
5.2.1 It can be provided according to the service terms or other service agreements, contracts, online terms, etc. between you and Haoyou Cloud;
5.2.2 It shall be provided according to laws and regulations;
5.2.3 The administrative, judicial and other authorities require Haoyouyun to provide;
5.2.4 You agree that Haoyou Cloud will provide to a third party;
5.2.5 It is submitted by Haoyouyun to solve the reported incident and file a lawsuit;
5.2.6 It is necessary for Haoyouyun to take necessary and reasonable actions to prevent serious violations or suspected crimes;
5.2.7 What Haoyou Cloud provides to a third party in order to provide you with products, services and information, including how Haoyou Cloud provides you with products, services and information through the technology and services of a third party.
5.3 Haoyouyun has the right to directly deduct relevant service fees from your account balance according to your service usage according to the terms of service.
5.4 Haoyou Cloud has the right to freeze part or all of your account funds in one of the following circumstances:
5.4.1 Provisions of national laws, regulations, policies and legal instruments:
5.4.2 Freezing required by competent national authorities:
5.4.3 You are suspected of violating national laws, regulations and administrative provisions by using Youyun service;
5.4.4 Based on unilateral reasonable judgment, Haoyouyun believes that there are abnormalities in your account operation, fund access, etc;
5.4.5 Others may improperly remit funds to your account, which may lead to your improper gains:
5.4.6 If you are complained by others and the other party has provided some evidence:
5.4.7 Other situations that Haoyouyun believes may cause risks based on its own reasonable judgment. After Haoyouyun freezes your account funds according to the above provisions, it will notify you to appeal according to the corresponding procedures by mail, in station mail, SMS or phone. If you appeal in accordance with the requirements of the terms of service and are approved by Haoyouyun, Haoyouyun will immediately lift the fund freeze measures; If you fail to apply within the specified time, or your appeal fails to pass the review of Haoyou Cloud, you confirm that Haoyou Cloud has the right to freeze the fund for a long time, or return the relevant frozen funds to the recharge source account of the fund (including but not limited to bank account, Zhifubao account, WeChat account, etc.).
5.5 You understand and agree that Haoyou Cloud will migrate the server rooms of the services you use when necessary. Haoyou Cloud shall notify you at least 7 natural days in advance of the above operations. Since the above operations may require modification of your domain name resolution, you need to modify the domain name resolution to the new IP or domain name according to the time notified by Haoyou Cloud after receiving the notice from Haoyou Cloud. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the inability to access websites and applications.
6. Protection of privacy and other personal information
Once you agree to the service terms or use the service, you agree that Haoyou Cloud will use and disclose your personal information according to the following terms.
6.1 Login name and password
When you register your account, Haoyouyun will ask you to set your Youyun account login name and password to identify your identity, and set a password prompt question and its answer to confirm your identity when you lose your password. You can only use this account through the password you set. If you disclose your password, you may lose your personally identifiable information, which may lead to adverse legal consequences for you. If the account and password are potentially or realistically endangered for any reason, you should immediately contact Haoyouyun. Haoyouyun will not be responsible for this until it takes action.
6.2 Safety
Haoyou Cloud only provides corresponding security measures according to the existing technology to ensure that the information held by Haoyou Cloud will not be lost, abused or altered. These security measures include backing up data to other servers and encrypting user passwords. Despite these security measures, Haoyou Cloud does not guarantee the absolute security of these information.
7. System interruption or failure
Haoyouyun will not be liable for damages when the system may fail to operate normally due to the following conditions, including but not limited to:
7.1 Haoyou Cloud during system downtime maintenance.
7.2 The telecommunication equipment fails to transmit data.
7.3 The business of Haoyou Cloud cannot be performed due to typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, flood, power failure, war, terrorist attacks and other force majeure factors.
7.4 Service interruption or delay caused by hacker attack, technical adjustment or failure of the telecommunications department, website upgrade, banking problems and other reasons.
8. Scope of liability and limitation of liability
8.1 Haoyouyun is only responsible for the scope of responsibility listed in the terms of service.
8.2 The service quality and content provided by the service partner shall be the responsibility of the partner.
8.3 You understand and agree that any third party claim caused by your use of the service, violation of the service terms or any action taken under your account should be borne by you only. If Haoyou Cloud and its affiliated companies, employees, customers and partners are claimed by a third party due to this, you should be responsible for handling it and bear all the responsibilities arising therefrom.
8.4 If permitted by law, Haoyouyun will pay attention to any indirect, punitive, special and derivative losses (including business losses, loss of revenue, loss of profits, loss of use data, goodwill or other economic benefits) related to or caused by the service terms, no matter how they are generated, Neither the breach of the service terms (including breach of warranty) nor the infringement cause any liability, even if the possibility of such loss has been informed in advance. In addition, even if the exclusive relief specified in the terms of service fails to achieve its basic purpose, Youyun's liability for the above losses should also be excluded.
8.5 Unless otherwise specified in the terms of service or otherwise agreed by Haoyou Cloud and you on a specific product and/or service, in any case, you agree that the total amount of compensation liability of Haoyou Cloud for the terms of service does not exceed the total amount of service fees charged to you in the current month.
9. Entire Agreement
9.1 The service terms consist of the service terms and the rules published on the website. Relevant terms can be referred to each other. In case of different understandings, the service terms shall prevail.
9.2 The section headings of the service terms are only for the convenience of writing and have no legal or contractual effect.
9.3 If you understand and agree with the service terms, you will understand and agree with all the components of the service terms. Once you use the service, you and Haoyouyun will be bound by all the components of the service terms.
9.4 The validity of other contents of the service terms will not be affected if some contents of the service terms are deemed illegal by the court with jurisdiction.
10. Trademark and intellectual property
All contents on this website, including but not limited to works, pictures, files, information, data, website structure, website screen arrangement, and web design, are owned by our company according to law, including but not limited to trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights, trade secrets, etc. Without the written consent of the Company, no one is allowed to use, modify, copy, publicly disseminate, change, distribute, distribute or publicly publish the procedures or contents of this website.
11. Applicable law and jurisdiction
The validity, interpretation, change, implementation and dispute settlement of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. Disputes arising from this Agreement shall be settled in accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China and submitted to the people's court with jurisdiction where this Agreement is signed.