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[Cloud service] Smart cloud host (fast delivery, efficient service)


Smart cloud host is one of the core products of public cloud. The bottom layer of our public cloud platform is composed of a large high-performance X86 server cluster, 10 Gigabit switching network and distributed storage. Users can select various configurations of ECS by themselves, and can flexibly increase or decrease the number and configuration of ECS at any time according to their own business development.
1、 Elastic calculation
The virtual machine can be upgraded at any time according to the user's use needs. The CPU and memory can be upgraded within 5 minutes, and the bandwidth can be upgraded seamlessly without downtime.

2、 Safe and stable
All Dell branded servers and disk storage are used, making the virtual machine more stable, reliable and powerful.

3、 Whole process monitoring
Our 7 * 24 in-depth monitoring: Uptime, ICMP, TCP port, CPU, RAM, HD free SMS, email alarm, and the operating conditions are well known; On duty audio alarm, the fault time is reflected rapidly.

4、 Self service management
The smart cloud host provides a web control panel, through which users can restart, reinstall, and upgrade the smart cloud host at any time without calling or submitting a work order.