For the detection and enumeration ofE.coliand coliform bacteria in water according to the ISO9308-1 norm


Please use these references when

5000 mL Pack………。EF342



Colonies Appearance

CHROMagar CCA ecoli


metallic blue to violet

CHROMagar CCA coliform

Other coliforms

pink to red


Coliforms,企业级,企业级able to ferment lactos企业级,企业级),are bacteria present not only in human and warm blooded animals intestinal flora but also in the soil and water。Coliforms are proof organic,environmental or faecal contamination。Faecal contamination,due to coliforms coming from animal waste,consists mainly ofEscherichia coliand thermotolerantKlebsiella.Strict regulations exist forE.coli/coliform presence in water samples。

This can be explained by the importance of these germs in determining drinking water safety and process efficiency of treatment,storage and distribution。

1.Simultaneous detection and differentiation:CHROMagar™,™CCA allows simultaneous detection and differentation betweenE.coliand coliforms in one medium!This is helpful to determine if there is organic contamination(coliforms)or faecal contamination(E.coli).Theuse of this technique involves less work in comparison with traditional methods(MI Agar)。

2Easy to read:Easy counting ofE.coliand coliform bacteria by the colour。

3。Convenient:Especially suitable for waters with low bacterial numbers that will cause less than100 total colonies,like drinking water,disinfected pool water,or finished water from drinking water treatment plants。



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