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A leader in Innovation

CHROMagar™,™ was incorporated in 1993by the inventor,and pioneer in chromogenic culture media technology,Dr Alain Rambach。Established in the heart of Paris(France)close to the famous Pasteur Institute where Dr Rambach began his research carer,CHROMagar™,™ provides innovative chromogenic culture media solutions,designed to improve and simplify traditional culture techniques。 


Since 2015,CHROMagar™,™is part of Kanto Chemical Co.,Inc group,a Japan ese reagent manufacturer that supplies a wide variety of products including pharmaceutical intermediates,clinical reagents for life science and chemical products for genetics and regenerative medicine。


Today,CHROMagar™,™ supplies the widest range of dehydrated chromogenic culture media availablecovering applications in clinical bacteriology,industrial microbiology quality control for food and beverage industries,water testing and veterinary microbiology。。。among other fields。 


热熔炼炉和simpler检测,热熔炼炉和food-borne pathogens includingSalmonella,Staph aureus,Candida albicansO157E.coli,组B流E.coli,Listeria,Vibrio,Pseudomonas and C.perfringens


Research-driven and high-tech, CHROMagar™,™is leading the innovation in the field of chromogenic culture media technology with an international reach through its worldwide distribution network。

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CHROMagar™,™ ’s Major Strenghts


A pioneer and specialist in chromogenic culture media technology,CHROMagar™,™has been exploring both clinical and industrial microbial applications for over40years。

Innovation and research,at the heart of its activity

CHROMagar™,™is fully committed to research with more than30%of its human resources involved in research。CHROMagar™’smission is to find detection solutions for today’s infection control challenges。


Well-known in the microbiology community forits innovation,meanwhile,renowned international scientists have studied the performance of CHROMagar™,™media。These studies have heightened awareness of CHROMagar™’stechnology and are available online。

CHROMagar culture media



Asa guarantee of its high standards,CHROMagar™,™is certifiedISO13485

Through this certification CHROMagar™,™meets rigorous quality standards for products involved in medical processes。

CHROMagar™'s commitment to quality control improves the company processes with a view to complete client satisfaction。


全CHROMagar™,™products designed for clinical applications are CE marked,assuring the highest possible quality standards for productions processes as well as uniform product information(for labels and technical documents)。

Our clients can easily access our complete technical documents(including Certificates of analysis and Material Safety data sheets)。