Recommended AppNode and Linux server cluster management panel

Recommended AppNode and Linux server cluster management panel

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AppNode is a software used to manage Linux servers. One control center manages multiple servers. It carries out visual operations based on Web pages, which can not only help users who are not familiar with Linux commands to manage Linux servers without obstacles, but also help Linux operation and maintenance personnel to improve operation and maintenance efficiency.

Its predecessor, VPSMate, won the Super Tools Award in the Alibaba Cloud Developer Competition in 2012 and developed a new AppNode at the end of 2014. The official version was released in August 2016. At present, free users can create three websites, and the VIP server is 98 yuan/year (replaceable server). Other functions are not limited temporarily.

Installation command

The installation speed is very fast. It can be completed in one minute. Other applications such as Nginx, PHP, MySQL can be installed in the background

 INSTALL_ AGENT=1 INIT_ SWAPFILE=1 bash -c "$(curl -sS )"

App List


Add Node

If you have multiple servers, try cluster management of AppNode. Its connection mode is shown as follows
Access AppNode panel (Control Center) - Node management - Add node - Enter SSH information Connect - Save

Then install the controlled end. Its connection methods include TCP and Unix local connection. TCP will use the port. If you do not want to expose the port, use local connection.

Advantages and disadvantages of AppNode

The appnode is updated quickly, the management @ Xiaoyuer @ Xuzhu solves the problem quickly, and the official group is very active,

Currently, Apache is not supported. I heard that it will be supported later.



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