The original cloudflex of dedicenter is suspected of running away?

The original cloudflex of dedicenter is suspected of running away?

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Introduction to dedicenter / cloudflex and domain names were registered in early 2017, formerly known as, providing virtual hosts, VPS and independent servers. VPS hosts include OpenVZ and KVM architecture, and data centers are located in Los Angeles, France, Romania, Germany, etc., of which Los Angeles includes psychz and sharktech computer rooms, and the minimum OpenVZ package is paid from $11 a year, The minimum payment for KVM starts at $12 a year. (from Zhaorong tribe)

Viewing domain names from whos is not long!


What's new
Update on January 24, 2018: open the user background of the official website as shown in the figure below. At that time, I thought it was the login status. After switching the stealth window and changing the IP address, there were still many disputes.
Update on January 22, 2018: error in opening the official website background of dedicenter,

What happened

This machine has been used for almost three months. It was good before. Some time ago, at the beginning of January 18, it kept on having problems. It often shut down. After going to the official website panel, it crashed again the next day. At that time, it was thought that someone had done damage, and finally ruled out this possibility.

It lasted for a few days, and then I went to the panel to boot up and couldn't get the machine!


So I submitted the work order and asked the reason. A day later, I replied to me, which roughly means that there were some technical problems before starting the machine. The work order replied that the machine was also turned on. After 2 days of normal operation, it turned off again. At that time, I forgot to back up such an important thing. So far, I haven't received any reply from the work order on 1.15, and I haven't received any maintenance email notice.

Paypal dispute refund

PayPal refund process: find the order you paid - go to the classic website - contact the seller - follow the process

Generally speaking, the paypal dispute is a tear in the face, and I finally submitted the paypal dispute.


Processing progress

Wait for PayPal to solve it!
After 10 days, the seller did not make any response, the dispute is over, and the refund will be returned to the account within 5 working days.


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