Oceanat base processing_ set_ Operating subtask failed

  1. 2018-05-12 17:07:43 - error - 22488 - ob_ atom_ task_ base:153 - Traceback (most recent call last):  
  2. File  "/root/obztools/task/ob_ atom_ task_" , line 149, in execute  
  3. handler()  
  4. File  "/root/obztools/task/obauto_ plus/ob_ reboot_" , line 62, in at_ set_ operating  
  5. ctx_ obj.set_ operating()  
  6. File  "/root/obztools/task/ob_ ctx_" , line 161, in set_ operating  
  7. raise ob_ exception.Error( "{0} is operating" .format(obregion_ name))  
  8. Error: abc123 is operating  

This error message indicates that there are other tasks that have not finished. Check all failed tasks, enter the subtask, click "give up task", and wait for the status to change to give_ Check all operating tasks and wait for them to complete.

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    Peat, such harsh conditions, did not tell me earlier, I spent a long time~

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      Good morning




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