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IPhone 6 / 6S / 7 / SE competes for new batteries: Apple says it's very uncomfortable - Ji Changxin is the master of IOS learning

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IPhone frequency down gate event , let's user yes Apple The dissatisfaction reached its peak. In addition to cheating, this incident also revealed the intention of forcing users to replace their iPhones. It was very unpleasant and inevitable.

Although Apple has apologized twice, it is almost impossible for them to change the way they do it, or they won't let the iPhone change Battery However, apple is also making a lot of money.

Why so much fruit powder replace The battery, because the old iPhone after replacement, can directly double the performance, and the Karton experience can be greatly reduced. The behavior of so many users to replace the battery has aroused great dissatisfaction from apple, and such a proud statement is no longer SEI.

Now, older iPhone users need to wait at least two months to replace their batteries, which Apple says is less than 10 percent of all batteries they replace People of Passed diagnosis test Procedures.

In addition, Apple also stressed that it felt sorry for those consumers who really needed to replace their batteries. Although they were in great need, they had to wait for a long time, because too many people who did not need to replace the batteries also applied for replacing the batteries. Before replacing the old iPhone's battery, Apple's technicians should carry out diagnostic tests on the battery and inform users of the aging degree of the battery and relevant information, including the number of times the battery is recycled and the remaining capacity.

Perhaps in consideration of this situation in advance, apple China has previously issued a statement that the old iPhone can only enjoy a low-cost service for battery replacement once, which is afraid that users will frequently rub against this big welfare

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