My unique skills

My first job is cooking.

Second, unique skills are programming.

So if I want to be an engineer?

I can definitely open a restaurant.

Fabulous ( Sixty )

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  1.  Chu Madman
    Chu Madman Published in:

    Unfortunately, the motherland has lost a chef.

  2.  At leisure
    At leisure Published in:

    Big guy, what kind of movie is this?

    •  Ji Chang Xin
      Ji Chang Xin Published in:

      That's right.

  3.  Hui Bang Gang
    Hui Bang Gang Published in:

    If you open a restaurant, we must go.

  4.  Red bill duck
    Red bill duck Published in:

    Amazing, multiple occupations.

  5.  Mason VPS
    Mason VPS Published in:

    No matter how bad it is, it won't be hungry.

  6.  Mu Luo Xi
    Mu Luo Xi Published in:

    You suddenly said I was hungry... Eat some rice.

  7.  Buying show time
    Buying show time Published in:

    I like cooking, but I don't like washing dishes.

  8.  Tourist
    Tourist Published in:


  9.  Lundy
    Lundy Published in:

    It's really funny.

    •  Ji Chang Xin
      Ji Chang Xin Published in:

      Ha ha ha big guy early

  10.  Lambert
    Lambert Published in:

    This is a screenshot of the entrepreneurial age.

    •  Ji Chang Xin
      Ji Chang Xin Published in:

      Droplet pairs

  11.  Tourist
    Tourist Published in:

    If I go to hell, God asks me what dreams I have. I really have no dreams. I just want to keep you in my arms.

  12.  Ji Chang Xin
    Ji Chang Xin Published in:


  13.  Pineapple apple
    Pineapple apple Published in:

    You can also be a woman dress warrior. It's still not effective to have this landing point.

    •  Ji Chang Xin
      Ji Chang Xin Published in:

      Login is the display.

    •  Ji Chang Xin
      Ji Chang Xin Published in:

      The roast duck was eaten just yesterday.

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