My skills

The first is my cooking skills

The second is the programming skills

So if I do not Engineer

I'm sure I can open a hotel

Fabulous ( Six )

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  1.  At leisure
    At leisure Released:

    This is what the movie gangster, yo

    •  Jichangxin
      Jichangxin Released:

      Right right

  2.  Muruoxi
    Muruoxi Released:

    You suddenly said I was hungry...... To eat dinner

  3.  Lundy
    Lundy Released:

    It was really funny.

    •  Jichangxin
      Jichangxin Released:

      Hahaha brother early

  4.  Lambert
    Lambert Released:

    This is the era of entrepreneurship in the screenshot ~ ~ haha

    •  Jichangxin
      Jichangxin Released:

      Drop drop

  5.  Tourist
    Tourist Released:

    If I go to hell, God asked me what I didn't dream, what a dream, I just want to make you always in my arms

  6.  Jichangxin
    Jichangxin Released:

    Early in the day.

  7.  Pineapple apple
    Pineapple apple Released:

    It can be a fighter of women's gangster anal. You say brother the landing point or not effect do not open.

    •  Jichangxin
      Jichangxin Released:

      Login is decoration

    •  Jichangxin
      Jichangxin Released:

      Roasted Duck yesterday just eat fruit,.




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