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distance IPhone X list Less than Two Half a month, Two thousand and eighteen year Apple take Introduction Three paragraph IPhone X news It has spread like wildfire. It is reported that in addition to the launch New generation IPhone X, Apple will also Release A paragraph screen Greater The cheap version of iPhone X, size For 6.1 inches, Use L C D Display In addition, the iPhone X Plus using the OLED screen is as high as 6.5 inches.


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According to media reports, Samsung capacity Limited, Apple had to cancel the iPhone X Plus and cash iPhone X debut. Now, with the growth of other screen providers' capacity, Apple has the ability to release three new iPhone X simultaneously. According to the latest announcement of the Taiwan industry chain, LG has confirmed that it will supply OLED screens for the new iPhone this year, with a supply of about 15 million yuan, and the screen size is mainly concentrated in 6.5 inches.


The same source also pointed out that apart from Samsung and LG, SHARP and JDI are also striving to become the third suppliers of Apple's OLED screen. Since the OLED screen of the new generation of iPhone X and iPhone X Plus in 2018 was 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches in size, its demand increased sharply compared with last year. Against this background, homemade Manufacturer We had to find another way. It is reported that manufacturers including HUAWEI, Xiaomi and vivo are testing the mini LED screen phone.

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