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KFC admitted that the site was hacked and reminded 1.2 million members to change their passwords

KFC this week sent an email to 1.2 million members of its colony's Club loyalty program, informing the latter that the company had found its website under cyber attack and that some users' accounts might have been stolen, so it reminded members to change their passwords as soon as possible.


It's not clear what information hackers stole, but from KFC's suggestion that users change their passwords for other services at the same time, it is likely that users' email contact information and passwords of other services have also been stolen.

Fortunately, KFC does not collect and store too much personal information of users through its customer feedback program, so it does not disclose users' financial sensitive information. However, it was very disappointing. I am also a member of Colonel's club. I am very busy changing my password.

KFC, at least, is aware of the increasing risk of cyber attacks and has introduced some security measures to prevent such incidents from happening again, but frankly, in the first place, it shouldn't have happened.

For whatever reason, if a company keeps our personal information in a database, it has a responsibility to protect it, no matter how much it costs. KFC obviously didn't do that.

We don't know how hackers break into KFC's system, but if KFC takes the strength of its protection formula to protect the user's personal information database, our password should still be safe.

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