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Dong Mingzhu Ma Yunda tens of billions of Yuan cooperation, Gree or online sales of mobile phones to meet Lei Jun

After four years of brewing, Dong Mingzhu and Ma Yun held hands again, and Gree and Ali formally married.


"If I cooperate with Ma Yun, it's not all Gree's?" Four years ago, after making a 1 billion yuan bet with Lei Jun, Dong Mingzhu said twice in his duel with Lei Jun. At that time, the statement sent such a signal: Dong Mingzhu's e-commerce strategy has been very mature, and it is not ruled out that the cooperation between Dong Mingzhu and Ma Yun will become a reality in the next step. Four years later, Dong Mingzhu and Ma Yun joined hands again.

A few days ago, Gree Electric and Alibaba reached a cooperation. Both sides signed the strategic cooperation agreement of Gree and tmall in 2018, with the goal of achieving a turnover of 10 billion yuan for Gree's full range of products on tmall platform in 2018. The two sides will also carry out in-depth cooperation in new retail, big data and other fields.

People in the industry believe that the integration of smart manufacturing and Ma Mingzhu is another time. Gree has strong manufacturing and marketing capabilities, while tmall is the king in the e-commerce channel. Lei Jun can not be underestimated for their marriage.

Upgrading cooperation between Dong Mingzhu and Ma Yun

The cooperation of Dong Mingzhu and Ma Yun is undoubtedly a big event in the industry. However, this time, they have joined hands to do something important, or they may also include the mobile phone industry.

A few days ago, Gree announced that it has reached a 10 billion strategic cooperation with tmall. According to the agreement, the two sides signed a sales target of 10 billion yuan in 2018.

This time, the cooperation between Dong Mingzhu and Ma Yun is not only the cooperation at the business level, but also the intention of subversion and change in the industry. After this cooperation, Gree will combine with tmall to open an omni channel retail mode to accelerate the transformation and transformation of the brand in China. At the same time, Gree and tmall will cooperate in the field of new retail and big data.

It is reported that on the day of strategic cooperation, Dong Mingzhu did not attend in person, but also sent a special congratulatory video. "August 29 is Gree's first tmall super brand day," she said. "I'm here with 80000 Gree employees to thank you again for joining us in the tmall super brand day."

Gree insiders said: "Gree air conditioning new products launched on tmall super brand day. In the future, Gree may open up channels to sell Gree mobile phones in tmall."

A few years ago, Lei Jun and Dong Mingzhu made a bet of 1 billion yuan. Lei Jun led Xiaomi to plan for several years in the air conditioning industry where Gree is located, and finally officially entered the Gree "base area" recently. In August this year, Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise Zhimi technology released its first DC frequency conversion air conditioning products, which directly pointed to Gree's main business. And Gree has been making mobile phones for a long time. At present, many generations of Gree mobile phones have been sold on the market. Both sides have advantages in their respective fields, and there are different opinions on the strength of all parties.

However, no matter who is who's opponent, Dong Mingzhu and Ma Yun have been together, obviously adding weight to their 1 billion yuan bet with Lei Jun.

Want to change the retail mode

In fact, this is not the first time that Dong Mingzhu and Ma Yun have cooperated.

Five years ago, Gree has been stationed in Gree. In recent years, Gree Electric appliance is constantly exploring and developing in the field of e-commerce.

It is reported that Gree and tmall will accelerate their cooperation in the fields of online sales, service and intelligent research. In the future, the two sides will also set up a joint laboratory to make use of Gree's core technology and tmall's big data advantages to carry out C2B customization according to the needs of consumers, so as to provide consumers with more personalized products.

In this regard, Yinjing, President of the Meijia business group of tmall electric appliances, introduced that "from January to July this year, Gree air conditioner accumulated a growth rate of more than 400% (actual 430%), effectively driving the growth rate of gree in all categories of tmall. Among them, in June this year, Gree air conditioner ranked first in the whole industry, with a year-on-year growth rate of more than 500%."

According to insiders of tmall, Gree tmall's first customized three-level energy efficiency hang up series products for fengfeiyang are expected to achieve sales of more than 100 million in tmall flagship stores in 2018.

Liu Jun, vice president of Gree Electric appliances, said: "Taking this cooperation as an opportunity, Gree will combine the professional data analysis, marketing planning, media delivery and other forms of tmall to open the omni channel retail mode, accelerate the transformation and transformation of the brand in China, and build a more perfect and convenient three-dimensional sales network and service system. We will build the official flagship store of Gree tmall as the main position of brand rejuvenation."

"Through this strategic cooperation, we will jointly enhance the image of Gree tmall's flagship store, and at the same time, Gree and tmall will create more diversified innovative cooperation, so as to achieve the target of RMB 10 billion of Gree's full range products on tmall platform in 2018.". Liu said.

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