Open source, free, small and powerful blog program and CMS website building system

Z-BlogASP background management interface  Z-BlogASP background management interface
Z-BlogASP program installation interface  Z-BlogASP program installation interface
Z-BlogASP Application Center  Z-BlogASP Application Center
Z-BlogASP Default Theme  Z-BlogASP Default Theme
Z-BlogASP Default Theme  Z-BlogASP Default Theme
Introduction to Z-BlogASP
  • Z-Blog is a blog program based on ASP platform

    Z-Blog has rich and powerful customizability. As a CMS system, Z-Blog can more easily manage and expand your website.

  • It also supports Access+MSSQL dual databases

    The Z-Blog 2.0 program fully supports MSSQL, and the webmaster of large databases no longer need to worry about supporting MSSQL.

  • New front and rear console interface

    Z-Blog2. Redesign the default theme of the foreground, and the background style is more high-end, foreign and upscale, which makes you happy.

  • New application center

    The new application center draws on the application concept of mobile Internet and creates a new platform for z-blog users and developers. The new application center is still improving. I hope you can give us more help. I also hope z-blog developers can use this platform to develop more and better applications for you.

  • More powerful article editor

    Still worried that the 1.8 FCKEditor does not support IE9, batch upload and other functions? Come and test Z-Blog2.0! The Z-Blog team cooperates with Baidu uEditor, so our Z-Blog 2.0 also comes with Baidu uEditor. Support batch uploading of pictures and attachments, graffiti, inserting videos and online searching videos, and code highlighting~

  • Template enhancements

    Newly made CustomMeta plug-in, which can insert fields when publishing articles. Some template files need not be added separately. Different templates can be used for different articles, categories, authors, and tags. Self calling is supported in the template b_ Xxxxxx.html, it is easier to make CMS themes~

  • Sidebar management is easier to use

    Is it inconvenient to modify the sidebar of 1.8? 2.0 sidebar management will break this situation! Support drag and drop sorting, support different pages to display different sidebars, etc., easy to use~