Z5 encryption

New generation PHP component free source code protection scheme

Technical advantages


VM based protection

VM-Based Protection
Are you still using confusion based "encryption"? The traditional encryption scheme only destroys the readability, what's more, it just sets up a shell, which has no technical difficulty to crack. Based on VM protection technology, we compile PHP into class assembly language code (bytecode), and then build a virtual machine with PHP to realize the complete protection of PHP code.

High strength byte code protection

High-intensity Bytecode Protection
Adding a layer of virtual machine is not powerful enough, because it is only a translation of the original logic. However, the secondary encryption of bytecode, breaking up the program code, reorganizing the execution logic, can make people have unlimited reverie. It's easy to break a cup, but it's very difficult to restore the appearance of the cup itself most of the time.

Powerful compatibility

Strong Capability
It does not need any components and can run in PHP 5.2-7.4 environment, which perfectly solves the pain points of secondary development of CMS and template copyright protection. Based on PHP 7.2, most of the supported syntax is supported, and most of the code does not need to be modified when encrypting the core function library.