• Z-Blog PHP 1.7.3

    Open source, compact and powerful blog program and CMS website building system

    Support environment: Linux/Windows/Mac Apache/Nginx PHP MySQL
    • Support PHP 5.2 - 8.2
    • Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite databases
    • One click downloading theme and plug-in from the application center
    • Support online installation, online update and verification
  • Z-Blog ASP two point three

    Blog Program Based on ASP Platform

    Support environment: Windows IIS ASP Access/MSSQL
    • Support Access+MSSQL dual database
    • Static, pseudo static and dynamic pages can be realized
    • New default theme and background UI
    • Carefully build a new application center
  • Z-Blog User Center

    One account can play all Z-Blog platforms

    • Unify all account systems of Z-Blog website
    • Support GitHub and QQ login
    • Support phone binding
    • Open two-step verification and single token system

Z-Blog makes building a website easier

Massive themes make the interface more selective, and rich plug-ins make functions easy to implement

 Z-Blog makes building a website easier

Massive high-quality website building templates

Simple and convenient station building system with rich functions

  • Z-Blog has rich and powerful customizability. As a CMS system, it is more convenient to manage and expand your website. There are different versions of ASP and PHP. It supports multiple database formats. Select the appropriate version according to your server environment. It has several simple but not simple theme templates, which can be freely switched in the background, You can also download the template suitable for your website in the Z-Blog application center, as well as a large number of plug-ins to enable you to achieve various functions easily.
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 Z-Blog makes building a website easier

Intelligent background management

Open source website building platform more in line with Chinese usage habits

  • The Z-Blog friendly background management system is simple and convenient to install, more intuitive to show the various functions and settings of the system, and supports a variety of pseudo static schemes. After more than ten years of careful polishing, it has the characteristics of high system security, stable and solid bottom layer, small and flexible system and interface more in line with Chinese operating habits, and more and more developers are actively influx, It has a rich plug-in interface to realize the function needs of different users, and becomes a highly playable Lego building block open source program framework.
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