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Z-Blog v2.2 Prism Build140101

System core [Function addition] [Main update] WAP plug-in is independent, new PAD (Android iOs) mode [Function addition] Theme check depends on plug-in [Function addition] Sidebar comment word limit [Function addition] Tags Intro as pseudo static URL [Modify optimization] Modify Statistic, speed up [Modify optimization] All system files performance tuning, Prevent ADO FSO from repeatedly creating [Modify Optimization] Mobile Fengsheng no component upload location [Modify Optimization] [Main Update] Verification
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    Rainbowsoft Studio
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  • Current version:
    v2.2 Prism Build140101
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    Blog system asp Access SQL Server
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    one hundred and one thousand eight hundred and forty-six
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author Rainbowsoft Studio
to grant authorization Free Admission
size 1.67MB
language asp
data base Access
data base SQL Server
Operating environment ASP/Access/MSSQL
Function introduction
System core
[Function addition] [Main update] WAP plug-in is independent, and PAD (Android iOs) mode is added
[Function addition] Topic check dependency plug-in
[Function addition] Sidebar comment word limit
[New function] Tags Intro as a pseudo static URL
[Modify Optimization] Modify Statistics to speed up
[Modify Optimization] Optimize the performance of all system files to prevent ADO FSO from being created repeatedly
[Modify and optimize] Mobile Fengsheng's upload location without components
[Modify and optimize] [Main update] Verification code plug-in
[Problem Correction] [Impact: Low] Too many articles published on the same day lead to too slow release

System periphery
Background Settings ---- [Main Update] Background Language Pack Switching
Article Editing - [Major Update] The editor is completely plug-in and its API interface is unified
Article Editing - [Main Update] Regular recovery and rewriting of articles
Template Creation - [Main Update] New Parent Category Template Label
Template making - [Main update] Add condition judgment template and delete useless template
Background setting ---- background setting page adding code highlighting
Article editor ---- edit_ ueditor.asp-->edit_ article.asp
Article editing ---- Prompt for deletion when the article content exceeds the IIS limit (otherwise, it cannot be submitted)
Article editing - uEditor is upgraded to 1.2.6, and the table function is enhanced
Article editing ---- summary generation method modification, and revision summary
Comment publishing ---- comment form modification
Comment posting - VerifyMessage function is modified with jQuery
Installation Wizard ---- Permission Check Part is modified to check all permissions of each folder
Sidebar management - several small details updates
Sidebar management - compatible with IE8
Problem Correction - [Impact: Low] The fix tag returns more than 50 problems
Problem correction ---- [impact: high] fix rss classification error
Problem Correction - [Impact: Medium] fix InstallPlugin_ The problem that xxx will be executed twice
Problem correction - [Impact: Low] The problem that people with obsessive-compulsive disorder will go crazy on some fix pages
Problem correction ---- [Impact: Medium] The summary was reset incorrectly when editing a fix article
Problem Correction ---- [Impact: Low] The fix sidebar is not written in some cases
Problem correction ---- [Impact: Low] fix Windows Phone 8 font inexplicable amplification problem
Problem correction ---- [Impact: Low] fix XML-RPC has two errors

Inbound application
HTML5CSS3 Theme ---- Add Configuration
Static management center ---- pseudo static rule optimization
Static Management Center ---- New UI
Application Center ---- no longer package files under. git . Svn
Application Center ---- Add push development version function

Z-Blog v2.2 Prism Build140101 Major updates:
1. Upgrade the UE editor to the latest version.
2. The background UI and icons have been adjusted to be consistent with the PHP version.
3. Updated the application center plug-in to the latest version and improved the dependency prompt for application installation.
4. Fixed some small bugs.
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