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citic securities (600030.SH)

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      In the last 60 days The comprehensive rating of CITIC Securities (sh600030) is as follows:

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      CITIC Securities Co., Ltd

      Main business:

      Securities brokerage, securities underwriting and recommendation, securities asset management, securities self operation and other businesses.

      Telephone: 0755-23835888,010-60838888

      Fax: 0755-23835861,010-60836029

      Date of establishment: 1995-10-25

      Listing date: 2003-01-06

      Legal representative: Zhang Youjun

      general manager: Yang Minghui

      Registered capital: 12926.8 million yuan

      Issue price: 5 yuan

      Latest total equity: 12926776029 shares

      Latest outstanding shares: Ten thousand shares

      Plate: Shanghai and Shenzhen A shares Shanghai A shares Shanghai Securities Finance Central enterprises of Shanghai Stock Exchange Fund position Shanghai Stock Index The concept of stock period Super market Central enterprises 50 Heavy positions of securities companies Heavy insurance position Financial industry

      Earnings per share 1.1528 yuan 9794 yuan 6905 yuan 3153 yuan 0092 yuan
      net asset value per share RMB 14.0570 RMB 13.9049 RMB 13.6185 RMB 13.7199 RMB 13.3388
      Net operating cash flow per share 8771 yuan 8230 yuan 3903 yuan 3631 yuan 8137 yuan
      Return on net assets 8.20% 7.04% 5.07% 2.30% 7.57%
      Undistributed profit per share 0103 yuan 1124 yuan 4.8301 yuan 4.9591 yuan 9603 yuan
      Capital accumulation fund per share 5.0769 yuan 0676 yuan 0676 yuan 0677 yuan 4.4691 yuan
      Announcement date Allocation scheme
      2020-08-14 5 yuan for 10 pies
      2019-07-26 RMB 3.5 for 10 pies
      2018-08-17 4 yuan for 10 pies
      2017-08-11 RMB 3.5 for 10 pies
      2016-08-12 5 yuan for 10 pies
      Name of shareholder Shareholding Increase or decrease
      Hong Kong Central Clearing eighteen point eight three two reduce one's shares in a listed company
      China CITIC Co., Ltd sixteen point five three six Unchanged
      China securities financial stocks two point nine nine six Unchanged
      Hong Kong Central Clearing Co., Ltd two point five four nine Overweight
      Central Huijin asset management one point six four three Unchanged
      China Construction Bank shares one point five one five Overweight
      Dacheng Fund - Agriculture one point two seven one Unchanged
      Huaxia Fund - Agriculture one point one nine five Unchanged
      China EU Fund - Agriculture one point one five nine Unchanged
      GF - Agriculture one point one five eight Unchanged

      Shareholding ratio of circulating shareholders

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